Download “Brain Software – eBook Edition”

Brain Software ebook cover image smallYour copy can be downloaded right here. Just save this file to your computer. Remember – the contents of this ebook are similar to what Mike gets paid thousands of dollars to teach to corporate clients. This material is life changing. Make sure you read and APPLY this stuff to your life. This is only the beginning.

Here are your Q&A videos about hypnosis with Mike Mandel

1) How does hypnotic suggestion work?

2) Do you have to believe in hypnosis for it to work?

3) Is it possible to hypnotize a strong-willed person?

4) What exactly does hypnosis feel like?

5) Being hypnotized: How do you know if you can be hypnotized?

6) What is hypnosis? Is hypnosis a state or a process?

7) Hypnotic change: What does it take to make change happen with hypnosis?

8) Does a hypnotist need to know the details of a problem to help me fix it?

9) Conversational hypnosis: Can you hypnotize someone through conversation?

10) What is hypnosis used for and does hypnosis work for smoking cessation?

11) Finding a good hypnotist: How much does hypnotherapy cost

12) How exactly does hypnosis work?

13) Making positive changes with hypnosis

14) Can hypnosis control someone? Is hypnosis a form of control?

15) How long do the effects of hypnosis last?

16) How long does hypnotherapy take to work

17) Self Hypnosis: Is it possible to fix myself using self hypnosis?

18) How to find a hypnotist or find a hypnotherapist

19) Can you get stuck in hypnosis forever?

20) What can hypnosis do for me?