Bob Burns is Coming to Toronto!

A Two Day Intensive on Hypnosis, The Swan and Much More.
April 25-26th in Downtown Toronto

It is our great pleasure to be welcoming Bob Burns to Canada. Bob is an experienced hypnotherapist and creator of the Swan Protocol. He's someone our community has been asking us to bring to Toronto, so it's finally happening! 

Billing is in US dollars. 
Canadian customers $799 CAD via PayPal

About This Class

Bob’s work is inspirational, experimental and practical – all at the same time – a feat not many people manage. In this packed two days Bob will share content covering hypnosis, the Swan protocol and some other areas covering the exploration of consciousness that he has not shared very often until recently.

You will learn ...

The Perfect Consultation

Bob’s template for each session which he calls The Wall.This is the work that gives Bob the reputation as one of the best active therapists in the world. You will possess the full and complete knowledge of its power, and be shown how to deliver it in a full consultation.

The Swan

Bob has developed his unique and effective Swan protocol which is used by therapists in more than 85 countries across the globe. This is a way of making instant contact with a part within the unconscious in a fully wakened state without hypnosis, as well as being a perfect complement to any hypnosis session. This is an effective technique for change with clients as well as for yourself.

Handling Challenges

Bob’s formulas for handling any given challenge by any member of the public in either the therapy room, street, group presentation or impromptu situation with both his five point rebuttal formula.

Corporate Group Presentations

A fail-safe way of demonstrating hypnosis in a group setting. And of course a full presentation in how to present to a group in order to gain referrals and personal recommendations.

Doctor Referrals

Bob will explain the method he uses to make contacts with doctors and how to gain referrals (copies of letters will be included).

Smoking Cessation Protocol

Bob believes his record in Smoking Cessation can sit with any other therapist anywhere in the world. A full demonstration of The Bob Burns Smoking Cessation protocol will be provided as will a full ‘evidence based’ breakdown of the facts and treatment behind cigarette smoking over the last 20 years.

Generative Change: The Colour Protocol

Bob works with some of the finest marksmen, snooker players and golfers in the world (including World Champion and ‘The Open’ winners). Here he will show his complete consultation on exactly what he does with each one.

Pendulum Power

Pendulum Power. Bob will reveal the real fascinating facts of ‘Chevreul’s Pendulum’ and reveal why different parts (real or imagined) within the unconscious can agree but also argue with each other!

Mentalism in Hypnosis

Bob is a professional stage hypnotist, mentalist and magician. He'll show you the very best things that crossover from mentalism to hypnosis, including work he uses in his actual therapy rooms. At the end of this section the students will have that ability and the knowledge in how to present these. This is something you WILL use, again and again and again!

Lucid Dreaming

You spend a third of your lives asleep. And it is in this state where some of your finest work can be done. Bob has been a Lucid Dreamer for most of his life and in this workshop he'll teach you how you can do it too (and why it's useful).

And Also ...

Your Most Important Therapy Questions Answered

There will be plenty of time for Q&A. Bob's ambition is to ensure you leave this class armed with more confidence and more usable tools to effect change in your clients. Bob will openly, honestly and candidly answer any questions about therapy work.  

Bob Will Answer ...

Do you need to speak to the client's unconscious?

If I fix them, will they stay fixed?

Do they need to be in hypnosis for me to help them?

Do hypnosis scripts work?

Do I need my client to demonstrate hypnotic phenomena?

Do somnambulists really get fixed more easily than non-somnambulists?

Billing is in US dollars. 
Canadian customers $799 CAD via PayPal 

About Bob Burns

Bob Burns hypnotized his first person in the early 70’s whilst merely pretending to be a hypnotist (something that scared the hell out of him!).

Since then he has done stage hypnosis, street, impromptu and also uses hypnosis in the world of magic and mentalism where he works mainly in the corporate sector. He is also a working clinical hypnotist, seeing clients in his therapy rooms in Montrose, Scotland (the home of James Esdaile). Bob is also used as a TV consultant for many programmes. Both the BBC and ITV.

Bob mentors many therapists from around the world. He actually brings the student into his home and therapy rooms for a few days in order to watch him work with live clients. This much sought after radically distinctive personal one-on-one training and mentoring is by appointment only.

Bob’s Swan Protocol is now actively used by therapists and healers in more than 85 countries around the world, provoking much debate on the question "What exactly is The Swan and is it true that it can venture into certain areas where hypnosis cannot?"

Bob is also a much sought after professional mentalist and uses hypnosis in stage, impromptu and in his close-up work of magic and mentalism.

He simply loves using and blending mentalism with clinical hypnosis and he actually teaches these fantastic skills to his students in many of his clinical hypnosis workshops.

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Travel and Accommodations in Toronto

Come to Toronto the Weekend of April 25-26.

Travel by plane: Fly into Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and it's easy to get downtown by airport shuttle, Uber, etc. Our classroom is steps away from so many hotels, or AirBnB options.

Via Rail, GO Train or Subway? Our class is conveniently located steps from the Queen Street subway station, and about a 10 minute walk from Union Station (for Via Rail or GO Transit).

Driving into Toronto? Our class is right across the street from City Hall, with over 2,000 parking spots in an underground garage that is never full.

The location is downtown Toronto. You can easily get here by car, plane, train, or public transit.

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