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To get the most from your hypnosis session, watch this video first

“Disclaimer: Do not use this recording while driving or doing anything that requires your full attention.  We accept no responsibility for the use of misuse of this track.’

The Personal Growth Membership is the ultimate collection of life-changing courses and programs. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson hold nothing back as they teach you the secrets to an awesome life of confidence, empowerment and ethical influence.

Included Training

The Personal Development Academy

The ultimate training for personal empowerment, confidence and communication skills. You’ll learn how to feel empowered and ready for anything. We’ll teach you critical influence skills including verbal and non-verbal techniques. We’ll show you how to transform old, negative programming. 

Regular Price $197

The Wellness Academy

Become lean, strong and happy. This video training + self hypnosis program will help you establish a solid mental game, and teach you how to become physically lean and strong. Many of our students use this for weight loss because it works! But it’s much more than that, and it’s incredibly easy to do. This includes ongoing support in the dedicated discussion group.

Regular Price $297

The Anxiety Solution

Anxiety can be crippling for so many people! It’s also the underlying problem behind so many issues from insomnia, comfort eating, drug and alcohol abuse, social discomfort, and panic attacks. We created this video training so you’ll have an easy set of tools to reduce or eliminate anxiety based on sound neuro-science principles. This course is super easy to use.

Regular Price $97

Easy self hypnosis

Easy Self Hypnosis

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. With Easy Self Hypnosis, you’ll quickly understand exactly what it takes to put yourself into a hypnotic state so you can make positive changes in your own life. What are the limits? That’s up to you to discover. This video training is fun and easy to follow.

Regular Price $97

Peak Performance Training

This audio program teaches you how to develop peak performance mental states in a flash. The supplemental audio hypnosis track puts you into a deep trance to make these peak states more automatic, as needed.

Regular Price $37

Stress Relief Hypnosis

This audio program teaches you several amazing stress-reduction techniques you can use anywhere, anytime. The supplemental hypnosis track is designed as a “miniature vacation for your mind”, and is the most popular hypnosis audio we’ve ever released.

Regular Price $37

A Good Night’s Sleep

Audio tracks that teach you the building blocks of good sleep hygiene, plus effective hypnosis tracks to help you deal with insomnia whether it’s having a hard time initially falling asleep or difficulty falling back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night.

Regularly $67

Overcoming Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

Audio tracks that teach you incredibly simple principles for being confident and congruent when presenting in front of groups of any size. From that meeting with colleagues to a keynote speech, this is your solution! Hypnosis tracks are included to reinforce the changes you’ll be making.

Regular Price $67