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What is the best way to start learning hypnosis?

Answer: Attending our live Architecture of Hypnosis class is certainly the best way, but we realize not everyone can afford the time off work, travel to Toronto and course tuition. So we created the next best thing: The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. This is a lower cost but very thorough way to learn hypnosis through a series of bite-sized videos that are informative, funny and inspirational. It’s budget friendly, and our students have told us it beats the pants off every other DVD or online video course out there. We’ve also got a free podcast (see below)

How do I subscribe to the podcast “Brain Software with Mike Mandel”?

Answer: We’ve created a video to explain exactly how to do this in iTunes. If you’re using an Android phone we recommend you download one of the free or purchased Podcast apps. Our favourite is called “Pocket Casts” and costs about $4 (well worth the price!) Remember that podcasts cost nothing, and are an incredible learning resource. Here’s a link to access the podcast directly.

How often should I listen to Mike’s Self Hypnosis Recordings?

Answer: As often as you can, and as often as you like! We really encourage you to make a habit of using these somewhat regularly, or whenever the mood strikes. They are incredibly relaxing, so they tend to be perfect for use on airplanes, while relaxing on the couch, while lounging in the backyard, etc. Just don’t use them while driving!

Is it safe to use these recordings while driving?

Answer: Absolutely NOT. You should never listen to a hypnosis recording while doing anything that requires your full attention such as driving a car.

Can I listen to these recordings on my iPod or other MP3 player?

Answer: Of course! And this is the best way to listen to them. All of our training is delivered in a members area where you can watch videos or listen to MP3 tracks online. And if you wish to download the audio tracks and import them to your iOS device with iTunes software, you can.  Same for Android users.  Just download and drop the files onto your device. Listening through earbuds or headphones is far superior to listening through speakers.

Will I do anything embarrassing when I’m in a hypnotic state?

Answer: Not unless you tend to do these same embarrassing things when you are not in a hypnotic state! Seriously, these recordings are not the same as stage (entertainment) hypnosis. There is no clucking like a chicken, barking like a dog or other inappropriate action. These recordings are for your benefit, not our amusement.

Do Mike Mandel or Chris Thompson do private consultations?

Answer: Pending availability, yes. We can sometimes do consultations in Toronto or via phone / Skype. If you’d like to inquire about this please email us through our contact page.

What is your guarantee policy?

Answer: We guarantee your satisfaction with everything we sell. For most digital products we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. Full details are available on our terms of service page. When requesting a refund on digital products there is nothing to return, so refunds are based on the honour system. We realize most customers are honest, and we take all the risk to guarantee your satisfaction. Refund requests are quite rare, and we process them quickly. We are not interested in keeping your money unless you’re happy!

What is the best way to reach you guys?

Answer: Email works great. You can reach us at info@mikemandelhypnosis.com (goes to both of us) or chris@ and mike@ for sending to one of us individually. You can get us on Facebook Messenger using @mikemandelhypnosis as the address. We’re also on Instagram as @mikemandelhypnosis.

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