HypnoThoughts Live 2020


Thursday August 13th
9am to 5pm

GRAPHOLOGY for Hypnotists

Monday August 17th
9am to 5pm


With every passing day it is looking more and more unlikely that we'll be able to travel to Las Vegas this year (the Canadian/US border is closed to non-essential travel, and the Quarantine Act in Canada also interferes with our travel)  Therefore, we recommend you not sign up for these classes unless you first speak to us or with support@mikemandelhypnosis.com
You may, of course, still purchase the digital versions of each class via our Products page.

Join Us in Las Vegas!

You've got two great classes to choose from for 2020.

MINDSCAPING runs Thursday before the conference.  
Graphology runs Monday after the conference.

You may choose to attend either or both
Keep reading for details on each class, but let's first discuss the price ...

Attendance is FREE

Simply purchase the digital version of the class you want and you can attend the LIVE training in Las Vegas for free, as a bonus.

Each digital class is priced at $297 USD, or you can choose both for $544 USD.  

Here's What Happens After You Pay:

  • You get immediate access to your digital course
  • You get added to the class list for Vegas (with email confirmation)
  • We send you a special link so you can save money on your HTLive ticket if you need one.

Remember that conference tickets, for the Friday-Sunday conference, are sold separately. You are not required to attend the conference in order to attend our classes, although most people do attend the conference.  By coming to one of our classes (on this page), w're able to send you a special link that lets you purchase your conference ticket for the discounted rate of $337.

Again, attending HTLive is optional and their website is here.

Already Own the Digital Class?

If you previously purchased one of these digital classes and want to come to the live training in Las Vegas just email support@mikemandelhypnosis.com and we'll explain the process (it's still a crazy good deal). 


MINDSCAPING is the ultimate tool for the working therapist. This healing modality was developed by Mike Mandel.

If we all had the unconscious mind of Milton Erickson, we'd be able to craft the perfect metaphor for every client, every time.  Instead, MINDSCAPING is a way to have the client generate their own perfect metaphor, in the form of a map, which they then go on to modify under your guidance.

The digital class offers complete MINDSCAPING training on every step of the process, plus many live demonstrations.  We keep adding to the demonstration library every time we hold a live class, so this is a tremendous resource that keeps getting better!

About Graphology for Hypnotists

Quickly and accurately get amazing insights into anyone's personality just by looking at a sample of their ordinary handwriting!

You'll get a solid big picture understanding of someone's personality while also identifying individual traits like jealousy, resentment, repressed emotions, secrecy, deception, aggression, impulsiveness, procrastination, and so much more!

This topic is incredibly useful for client intake because it will help you decide what interventions to use during the hypnosis session!


The digital class was recorded over a weekend in Toronto, which you get immediate access do.  And you get to come to the live training in Las Vegas too.

We taught a mini-class on this during HTLive 2018.  It was incredibly well-attended and loved.  So this time we're doing a full day, and it's going to be a total blast.

Get BOTH Classes for $544

Purchase both MINDSCAPING and GRAPHOLOGY for a discounted $544 (Save $50).

Get immediate access to both digital classes, and attend both single-day live events in Las Vegas.