How To Pick the Best Hypnosis Audio Recordings

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How To Pick The Best Hypnosis Audio Recordings

Can a hypnosis recording really help you? How do you pick the one that’s right for you? Keep reading and you’ll understand (plus we’ve got a free hypnosis recording you can download!)

Let’s start with an easy question. What do you want?

It’s possible that you never consciously asked yourself that question. At least not yet. Or maybe you did, and you decided you want to use hypnosis to make a change, and you think an audio recording might help.

You may be right, but let’s first discuss how to choose the right one.

About Hypnosis Audio Recordings

Some of them are fabulous. They’ve been skillfully designed, recorded, and edited by brilliant hypnotists who really know what they’re doing. Other recordings are essentially garbage. Maybe it’s because they have horrible sound quality or … even worse … they were just not created by a hypnotist with a high degree of skill. And just because a recording sounds great doesn’t mean it will be effective.  

It may not be worth your time to listen to random YouTube tracks, so our first piece of advice is to stick with hypnosis tracks from well-known hypnotists, especially if you’re paying good money for them.

Next, let’s talk about what kind of hypnosis audio recordings you might find out there in this big blue world.

Hypnosis Tracks: Specific vs. General 

Most hypnosis recordings are quite specific in nature. We often joke that you can find a recording for people who have a phobia of green frogs on a Tuesday afternoon following a thunderstorm.

We admit that’s a bit hyperbolic, but you get the point. There are dozens of tracks someone could design just for something like “confidence”. Maybe you want to be a confident public speaker, or confident in a job interview, or gaining the confidence to ask someone out on a date.  

But do you really need a dozen different audios on confidence in all of these scenarios? 

Of course not. If you want confidence, it should be enough to listen to a general hypnosis recording to become a confident person - and let the listener decide exactly how that will apply to his life.

Other hypnosis recordings are the exact opposite because they are non-specific. They’re very broad in how they can be used. A great example of this is “Journey to the Castle” by Mike Mandel (it’s free, by the way).

To craft a hypnosis recording with very broad application, the hypnotist must be skilled in using artfully vague language. It’s a much more Ericksonian style compared to the direct, authoritative techniques used on so many hypnosis tracks. If you don’t know what these terms mean, learn the difference here.

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Our Advice on Hypnosis Recordings

Having said this, here’s our advice on picking a hypnosis recording.

Do you have a very specific issue you’d like help with? That might be a good reason to use a very specific hypnosis recording assuming you are not in a position to go out and hire a hypnotist for a personal session.

Do you have any experience with hypnosis? If not, you might enjoy knowing that an ultra-specific recording for your particular issue is available for you whenever you want it.  But how many times will you listen to that ultra-specific track? Probably not very often. 

And that’s where more general tracks come in. If a specific hypnosis recording is like a plane ticket to one specific city, a general hypnosis track is like an open-ended ticket to wherever you want to go. When you’re free to travel wherever you want, you tend to travel more often.

Make sense?

If you’re comfortable with the idea of setting your intention in advance of listening to a hypnosis recording, you might love a more general recording like Journey to the Castle.

But did you know there’s one level beyond listening to a recording? It’s called self hypnosis.

Once you’re comfortable setting your intention and going into trance, doing self hypnosis is very simple. There are a wide variety of very easy imagination-based exercises you can do while in self hypnosis.

You can do these without any recording, or you can just put on some nice background music such as a gentle rain storm or waves lapping on the shore of a beach.

Anyone can get skilled at doing self hypnosis.  We put together a fun course called Easy Self Hypnosis that we include in our Personal Growth Membership. Feel free to check it out.

Free Hypnosis Audio Recording - Journey to the Castle

But when it comes to hypnosis recordings, don’t sell yourself short.  Stick to something that was crafted by a true expert - whether it’s free or not. And while you’re here, you may as well download Journey to the Castle, since it is free.

Journey to the Castle is wonderful because you can use it for any purpose you want. It's the kind of general purpose recording we talked about. You can apply to anything you want to have happen in your life. Just set your intention at the beginning, or trust your unconscious mind to set it for you.

Click here to download Journey to the Castle for free.

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"I absolutely love the online course. It completely changed my life and consulting career. The information is the best I've ever seen. You guys are incredible at what you do. I love the course so much."

Jason Cyrus