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The Easy Way To:

Get Unconscious Agreement
Hypnotically draw anyone into your ideas by using language that generates automatic, unconscious agreement.

Hypnotic Pacing and Leading
Lead people away from problems and towards the solution by using hypnotic pacing and leading language.

Develop Power Language
Radiate confidence that makes you more influential by having a full toolbox of influential “power language”.

Build Rapport
Build strong rapport with others by inspiring natural curiosity and getting people to feel good about themselves in your presence.

Speak Hypnotically
Sound like a professional hypnotist if the situation calls for it, by speaking in hypnotic never-ending sentences that draw clients’ attention inwards.

Build Trust
Develop incredible trust from those around you because they’ll understand that you truly care about their well being.

There is no question, if you want to enhance your language skills, Mike Mandel’s language cards will be your pathway to success. I learn more each time I use them. 

George Guarino

Hypnotize Through Conversation

Milton H. Erickson was famous for his ability to hypnotize people and cause them to change just by talking to them. This has become known as Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Over the years experts have decoded Erickson’s amazing hypnotic powers. A big part of his skill came from the language patterns that he used.

We designed these cards to be the keys you need to unlock your natural hypnotic ability. You’ll learn to use the same patterns of hypnotic communications as Milton Erickson.

And you’ll be able to do this almost anywhere … whether it’s an ordinary conversation with a colleague or a formal hypnosis or coaching session in your office.

Hypnotic Power in a Box

Hypnotic Power
in a Box

This isn't just a deck of Poker cards. Each card holds one hypnotic language pattern. Each pattern is explained to you through a clear example. You'll develop real skills by practising these patterns every time you play a game of cards, or just by picking up the deck and randomly flipping through cards.

You'll find you can absorb the proven hypnotic language pattern on each card. That’s because each pattern is taught through an easy example.

Consider this: Carry one card with you each day. Practise using that pattern through the day. In just a few weeks you'll have incredible new skills.

Here’s How Language Patterns Create Change

Double Binds

These are language patterns that create the illusion of choice where both choices lead the subject where you want them to go.


These are words that require certain assumptions to be accepted by the listener without challenge.

Pacing and Leading

Using a statement that describes something which is undeniably true, and linking that statement to the action you want the listener to take.

Power Words

Words like “only”, “just”, and “because” all have a powerful effect on the human brain and amplify your hypnotic communication.

Quoting Someone Else

A phrase like “I once heard” lets you say something without taking ownership for the statement. Since you’re just quoting someone else you bypass all resistance.


The Hypnotic Language cards that Mike and Chris have developed are a fundamental starting point for any new hypnotist or that therapist looking for some more tools.

Karl Smith
UK Hypnosis Academy


Incredible! 54 creative assistants in the palm of your hand. Learning hypnotic language doesn’t get easier than this.

Michael C. Anthony
Stage Hypnosis University

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