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Naturally Remove Barriers In Your Everyday Conversation

Conversational hypnosis is the art of speaking change into your client’s life without needing a formal trance. This simple deck of cards contains hypnotic language patterns and principles that naturally draw people into the conversation. It’s like having the cheat codes to positive and powerful influence. Imagine being able to provide options and solutions without resistance. That’s what this little deck of playing cards will give you.

Unfortunately most people struggle to come up with the answers to their problems because they feel like they are out of options. With these hypnotic language cards, you’ll naturally lean towards simple phrases and hypnosis principles that help build trust. It’s easy to see difficult situations from a new point of view when you can trust the person you are talking to. By using these conversational language patterns, problems will organically disappear because it won’t seem like you are being pushy.

If you're already a seasoned hypnotist, then these cards will make practice so much easier. The included video training will teach you some fun exercises that will take your hypnotic abilities to the next level. If you’re just starting to learn hypnosis, the exercises in the videos will give you the confidence to go from beginner to the hypnotist.

Customer Stories

"I can tell you that this particular tool has been really, really helpful. It's a language tool that can help you be more persuasive, help you with presentations and with points you're trying to make."

Rich Newsome

Orlando, Florida

"These are going to up your game fast! Whatever it is, there is a card in here for it that is going to make it clear and help you look and sound professional as a hypnotist."

Michael C. Anthony

Tampa, Florida

"One of the things that I love teaching are the language patterns that come from Ericksonian hypnosis. These cards are a fabulous teaching tool and absolutely recommended by me."

Mohammed Sheikh

Toronto, Canada

Finally master

Conversational Hypnosis

Gain Unshakable Confidence

It’s easy to feel confident when your words sound natural. Hypnotic Language Cards do just that. You’ll radiate confidence in everyday conversation by simply using the patterns on the cards.

Relationships Just Got Easy

The Hypnotic Language Cards give you endless ways to use conversation to organically build trust. Realize when you develop a true understanding of people’s needs, trust automatically happens.

Command Respect Without Aggression

Your deck of Hypnotic Language Cards makes it easy to use language patterns that will naturally persuade others to give you respect without your conversation being aggressive. You’ll easily gain respect when the conversation just flows.

Naturally Draw People In

It can be hard to hold people's attention and interest. Some people daydream, while others intentionally zone out because of boredom. Yikes! You’ll organically attract people into your conversations. Even people who struggle to stay engaged will be unable to pull away. It’s that powerful.

Sell Without Being Pushy

A pushy salesman forcing his opinion on someone just feels wrong, doesn’t it? But think back to times when you made the decision. It felt like a total win, didn’t it? You’ll effortlessly be persuasive without being salesy by using the natural language patterns in The Hypnotic Language Cards deck.

Get Your Way By Being Likeable

It's natural to say "yes" to people when you like them. These cards teach you how to authentically build honest connections. Be honest, it’s difficult to say no to somebody when they sound and appear absolutely likeable, right? It’s an unshakable feeling.

Regular Price: $14.95

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Examples of Hypnotic Language You’ll Soon Learn

Double Binds

These are language patterns that create the illusion of choice where both choices lead the subject where you want them to go. Will you use this pattern in a business situation or a personal one? Yes, that was an example. Double binds are useful in all sorts of ways, and these cards will help the double bind become second nature for you.


These are words that require certain assumptions to be accepted by the listener without challenge. After you own your own deck of cards how do you plan to apply them in your life? See what we did there? That's a presupposition in action. The sentence makes no sense unless you first consider you're going to place an order. But since we just explained it to you it is not sneaky. We hold nothing back.


Using a statement that describes something which is undeniably true, and linking that statement to the action you want the listener to take. As you read this page it's easy to imagine how useful these patterns can be in everyday conversation.  Yeah, that's an example of a pacing statement followed by a leading statement.  Noticing the pattern can lead you to wonder where else this has already been used without you realizing it.


Words like “only”, “just”, and “because” all have a powerful effect on the human brain and amplify your hypnotic communication. If we tell you to "just" do something, it feels easier, doesn't it? And when we use the word "because" we send an unconscious signal that there is a valid reason. So the request that came before "because" seems justified.


A phrase like “I once heard” lets you say something without taking ownership for the statement. Since you’re just quoting someone else you bypass all resistance. Milton H. Erickson once said that these cards are an amazing learning tool.  Well, he didn't actually say that ... but perhaps he would have if that genius of a man was still alive. 

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident these cards will work for you that we’ll give you a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason at all just let us know and we’ll refund you no questions asked. You can even keep the cards. So there’s no risk to you or hassle of having to return them if you’re not happy.

Popular Questions

Do you offer training on how to use the cards?

Yes. We created a series of training videos to help you use the cards to master hypnotic language patterns. Access instructions to these videos will arrive in the same package as your cards.

How can you possibly offer free shipping?

Do you think we hypnotized the courier companies to give us an amazing deal? Sorry, no. But we do take advantage of bulk shipping rates from our fulfillment center. We send these by USPS First Class Mail to keep costs down.

What’s your guarantee?

If you aren’t thrilled with the cards just email us at support@mikemandelhypnosis.com and we'll refund you. You can even keep the cards, so there is nothing to send back. We are completely comfortable making this offer because the refund rate is almost zero on these.  People really love them.

Why so inexpensive?

At this sale price we are not selling these at a profit. Instead, we hope you love them so much, and have such a great experience with us, that you’ll want to take more of our training later. Fair enough? 

What’s the card quality like?

These hypnotic language cards are made with a great plastic-coated card stock. They are high quality and durable. You can use them often without worrying about wear.

Will I have to pay any other fees to get these across the border?

Normally NO. We can't make promises, but it's not common.  That said, we stopped selling these cards outside of the USA for the time being because our shipping costs for international orders went crazy. Your alternative is to sign up for our free Test Drive of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.  Then, should you upgrade to full membership, we will ship a deck of cards to you (anywhere) at our cost.

About the Creator

Mike Mandel is a professional hypnotist, speaker, and New Code NLP trainer. He brilliantly combines experience, education and entertainment to make learning hypnosis FUN.

As a kid in 1965, he started hypnotizing his friends. As a young man in 1975, he became a professional stage hypnotist. In the 1990s he branched out into hypnosis for therapy and forensic hypnosis.

His clients include police services, government organizations and blue chip companies. Mike is widely regarded as one of the premier hypnotists in the world today. In 2019 he was chosen by a group of his peers to give the keynote address at HypnoThoughts Live; the world’s largest hypnosis convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

World-renowned hypnotist Freddy Jacquin said to Mike Mandel, “I don’t believe there is anyone better than you at the work you do."

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