Develop the Handwriting of an Achiever!

Did you know that your handwriting says a lot about your personality? And you can gain insight into someone else’s personality by looking at their handwriting too.  Handwriting is best analyzed when the sample is cursive script rather than print, but you can still gain good insight from printing.

In this short video, Mike focuses in on a few traits of great achievers. Please don’t mistake any comments about The Donald as supportive (or not in support of) of the man’s politics. Mike just picked him as an example of someone who achieves much more than average.

Also remember that handwriting is an outward expression of what’s in your brain in much the same way as physical behaviour. If you change your handwriting you’re going to change your personality. So make positive changes to YOUR writing as one aspect of your personal development plan.

Want more on handwriting analysis? Check out the video on this page.