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The Clench Induction Full Video Training

Looking For a Unique Hypnotic Induction To Startle and Amaze Your Clients and Subjects? 

Full demo and detailed explanation. Mike shows you the entire induction and explains every step so you can watch, practise and master this technique. 

It's EASY and FAST. You'll discover that the Clench Induction works practically every time, and it only takes about 2 minutes to perform.

This works almost anywhere. As an impromptu demonstration or with a client in your office, this is a versatile, impressive induction.

Built-in hypnotic convincer. Your subject will know he was hypnotized as he stares at his own hand, hardly able to move it.

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A few screenshots from the training video ...

"When you need a fast, effective hypnotic induction that will amaze people around you use the Clench Induction. It's so simple to learn and works almost anywhere."

- Mike Mandel, head trainer, MikeMandelHypnosis.com