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The Ultimate in Modern Hypnotherapy with Freddy and Anthony Jacquin

 We knew bringing Freddy and Anthony to Toronto would be great. But when the cameras started rolling, we had no idea how much incredible material they would pack into a single weekend. 

Toronto canada, class picture with freddy and anthony jacquin

Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson here.

The above picture is from the incredible weekend training we recently hosted in Toronto.  Anthony and Freddy Jacquin have become great friends of ours, and they also just happen to be incredible hypnosis trainers with a style we both LOVE.

We recorded the entire weekend training called "Modern Hypnotherapy". You can now order it now along with a crazy good bonus package. We stand behind this training with our standard 60-day money back guarantee. 

This is a must-own training for any hypnotist of any skill level. These fine gentlemen over-delivered in every possible way.  They gave more instruction and performed more demonstrations than we possibly could have imagined. And they did so at a quality level that is extremely high. We professionally recorded the event from 3 camera angles to give you an incredible digital experience with this set of recordings.

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Anthony and Freddy have generously donated an incredible bonus package that is already waiting for you in our members area. As soon as you place your order NOW, you get the full weekend video package and all bonuses mentioned on this page.  This is a LOT of top quality content.

Setting the Stage for Mastering the Basics

Before we get to all of the awesome bonus material you'll get with this package, here's an outline of what was covered in the weekend training. You get ALL of the videos from the entire weekend.  

How Anthony got started in hypnotherapy and a warning! Once you get into this topic it's nearly impossible to put this down. Whether for therapy, or building teams and relationships, to influence and persuasion ... understanding hypnosis means that this stuff now has to be a part of everything you do.

And guess what? All you need to do is master the basics.  This entire weekend is about achieving that mastery!  Pacing and leading is about as complicated as it gets with respect to language. What you'll be learning is how to be a masterful hypnotist using language that a child can understand.

Every technique is based on three ingredients.  

First the subject is given clear instructions to follow. If a subject can follow simple instructions, they can be hypnotized.  Second, the subject is directed to imagine things. This could include the desired outcome of the means to achieve that outcome, and this could be therapy or suggested hypnotic phenomena. Third, the subject is offered suggestions. When done correctly, in this order, the outcome is that the client feels a sense that things are happening automatically, in a collaborative process.

Packed with Detailed Demonstrations

This class is packed with impressive and elegant demonstrations. Everything is clearly explained and documented so you can learn how to perform hypnosis at a high level too.  Anthony and Freddy are masters of SHOW, don't tell.  They demonstrate everything. Thoroughly. In detail. Here are just some of the demonstrations you'll see:

Name Amnesia, Automatic Response, Ideomotor Movements

This is a nice way to work with any first time client as a great, convincing warm-up to the deeper work. Anthony demonstrates several ways of inducing and re-inducing trance during this wonderful and super-informative viewing experience.

Rapid Induction with Convincer

Freddy shows how easy it is to establish arm catalepsy with a subject's eyes wide open. His process is so simple! Elicit an emotion and offer a suggestion. This is foundational to much of what he does.

Group Phobia & Anxiety Removal

Freddy demonstrates how to remove a phobia or anxiety from a wide variety of subjects all at once.  He gathers intake information on each subject and gives appropriate individual attention to each person as he runs this effective protocol. 

Pain Management with the Arrow

Freddy uses The Arrow Technique to help a group of volunteers overcome their chronic pain in one session. You also get the complete Arrow Technique training as a separate product in the bonus material shown below.

Jacquin Fast Phobia Cure Adaptation

This is now officially our new favourite way to perform the NLP fast phobia cure. Anthony brilliantly demonstrates and teaches this technique as he helps a student overcome a fear of a specific insect.

The Jacquin Time Machine

Freddy demonstrates one of his own creations, the Time Machine, as a way to help a subject overcome extreme grief. This is preferred, by Freddy, compared to traditional regression as it is less likely to cause abreaction yet still produces great results. Clients overcome the negative emotion without losing the memory.

Self Hypnosis, Hallucination and Dealing with Emotions

Anthony teaches us how to become better hypnotic subjects and how to use self hypnosis to accomplish this result. For years he wanted to be able to hallucinate in a hypnotic state, and developed ways to help others improve their skills as a subject. You'll also learn to use this process for almost any other type of change work that you can do to yourself.

Psychological Decapitation and Dream Architecture Therapy

Freddy combines two techniques from his book "Hypnotherapy" into one artful demonstration. This is psychological decapitation along with dream architecture therapy to help heal emotional wounds and search for answers to resolve problems.  This was a bonus demonstration done over lunch hour by request! Freddy is ALWAYS ON, and always over-delivering.

Complete Smoking Cessation Session

Nobody expected this, but Freddy did it anyway. He is an absolute master at working with clients who want to stop smoking. He's written about it extensively in his book. Now you get to see a thorough start to finish session. If you plan to work with smokers, this demo is worth the price of the course all by itself. It's that good.

The Freddy Jacquin Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Method

Rather than taking an entire course on this one method, you can help your clients lose weight easily using Freddy's variation on the hypnotic (virtual) gastric band surgery. This is another incredibly detailed demonstration with nothing left out!

Let's Talk About the

Insane Bonus Package 
$370 Value

This bonus package is included when you order NOW. All of this material is ready and waiting for you in the members area.

The Arrow Technique

$165 Value.
The Arrow Technique is a powerful hybrid technique to reduce and often eliminate chronic pain. This is an incredibly effective tool! You get the full training that is usually sold separately. Anthony also contributes never-before-release videos that go above and beyond the regularly-sold package. 

Two Additional Time Machine Demos

$50 Value.
Freddy provides two separate video demos of the Time Machine technique taught in this weekend class and in his book. One demo is used to install positive resources, and one is used to show how you can install aversion towards something such as smoking cigarettes.

HypnoSatsang Webinars

$65 Value.
Anthony Jacquin shares 3 webinar recordings from his monthly subscription series called HypnoSatsang. One webinar is all about the hypnotic inductions that he uses in every context from therapy to parlour hypnosis to online  sessions. The other two are a deep dive into self hypnosis. Immense value here!

Reality is Plastic Book + AUDIOS

$45 Value.
This is Anthony Jacquin's well-regarded book on the art of impromptu hypnosis. This book will push your hypnosis skills higher and help you become a better presenter and entertainer. You get the PDF version and the audio book version, which was narrated by Anthony.

Hypnotherapy by Freddy Jacquin

$45 Value.
This book 'Hypnotherapy' describes Freddy's methods, techniques that he has personally developed and his own beliefs and philosophies on how and why hypnosis works. It will enable anyone to learn how to hypnotize and to use that skill to help themselves and others. Each technique is described simply to enable the reader to learn them easily, and examples of how and when they have been used are also told in this book.

Or if you prefer...

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