Hypnosis Training and Personal Development

Become a Masterful Hypnotist and Develop Powerful Communication Skills with our Expert Online Training. Start for FREE Now, with Access to Hundreds of Detailed and Fun Videos.

Here's What We Offer


World class hypnosis training for any skill level, from beginner to advanced. Hundreds of videos on all aspects of hypnosis. Certification testing and an amazing support community giving you direct access to Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson.

Live Events 

Get a life-changing experience in The Architecture of Hypnosis, our super-fun small-group hypnosis training in Toronto. We also host world-renown guest attend hypnosis conferences around the world. Check out our live events calendar.

personal growth

The Personal Growth Membership is a comprehensive training bundle to change how you communicate with yourself (the mental game) and with others. If self improvement is your game, but you don't want to become a hypnotist, this is for you.

Here's What We Believe ...

Get to know Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson.
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Grab The Immensely Popular Brain Software E-Book 

Your brain is running programming. Learn how to communicate with yourself and with others more effectively to live an awesome life. This 41-page book contains the same ideas that corporate audiences pay thousands of dollars for.

Download it for free right here.

The Ultimate Practice Tool For Hypnotic Language

 Standard poker cards. Each card teaches you one hypnotic language technique you can use in everyday conversation or client therapy sessions. A great low-cost resource for hypnotists, coaches, sales people or anyone looking for an edge in changing people's minds.

Conversational Hypnosis Free Video Course

We created a free course and companion mobile app to help you learn the fundamentals of Conversational Hypnosis. It's based on the work of the best hypnotist who ever lived, Milton H. Erickson. The course is called NUVI, which stands for Nominalization Unspecified Verb Induction.

Approx. 45 minutes of premium video training. Create your free account with just your name and email address.

The Brain Software Podcast

How Many Million Downloads? Listeners say it's simultaneously hilarious and brilliant. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson bring you practical strategies to live an awesome life. Improve how you think, communicate and act. This podcast is for everyone, definitely not just for hypnotists.

The Co-Founders of Mike Mandel Hypnosis

Mike Mandel

Co-Founder, Chief Instructor and Chief Comedy Officer

Mike Mandel has been doing hypnosis full time since 1975. He has performed thousands of stage hypnosis shows all over the world and retired from the stage in 2017. He now spends his time teaching hypnosis to people who want to use it to help others. Mike is the head trainer and hypnosis genius behind what we do. He's got this innate talent for teaching hypnosis in a way that makes learning fun and easy.

Chris Thompson

Co-Founder, CEO and Enjoyment Boy

Chris Thompson started doing hypnosis in 1993 as an engineering student, after watching Mike Mandel perform a show at his university. Chris got the idea to start Mike Mandel Hypnosis in 2008 and hand-built the first version of this website. He convinced Mike to put all of his brilliant teaching online and enjoys co-teaching live classes with Mike in Toronto.