The Ultimate Collection of Courses for Personal Development and Self Improvement

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From the desk of Chris Thompson
Toronto, Canada

Dear Reader,

You deserve to live an awesome life. And to achieve that goal, it's important to have the right tools. You wouldn't expect to build a beautiful house without things like a saw or hammer, right? 

But it's not enough JUST to have tools. You need training. Otherwise you just have tools without the requisite skill to apply them. That won't get you very far.

You Need BOTH Tools And Skills.

Lucky for me, I met Mike Mandel in 1993. I started learning some of the simple things he taught. I applied them to my life. I suddenly understood how to have better control over my emotions and actions. I became more charismatic and influential. I knew how to tackle problems, control stress and get what I wanted in life more often.

Maybe it's just dumb luck, or maybe I was SO successful using these tools and skills that I developed an incredible friendship with Mike Mandel. We became business partners and we now bring his training to the world through the power of the Internet.

Now You Can Directly Benefit. Starting Today!

We've finally created a program for everyone. For years we've been teaching self improvement and personal development tools and skills to hypnotists as part of our live and online hypnosis training.

But now, through this amazing program, we're teaching everyone this same material. This is NOT a hypnosis course in any way. It's entirely about personal change.

Introducing the Personal Growth Membership

The core of this offer is our Personal Development Academy program. It's a complete video training program. There are 64 HD videos broken down into 4 training modules. Each video teaches you one important concept, tool or skill to apply towards your constantly improving life.

The Personal Development Academy:

Module 1: The Basics of Personal Empowerment (11 videos). This module teaches you how to manage your state of mind. You'll learn how to call the most effective state for the job into the "executive function" of your brain. Be more positive and get more of what you want in life. 

Learn how to ask yourself the kinds of questions that empower you rather than keep you stuck. You also learn Mike’s incredible “Mandel Triangle” to build confidence, congruence and intention.

Module 2: The Art of Influencing Others (23 videos). This module is all about verbal language AND body language.  Discover the power language words that influence others, as well as an entire section on body language to be more charismatic and powerful. 

Mike Mandel is known for teaching this stuff to corporate audiences and in private trainings such as the mastermind group run by New York Times Best Selling Author Neil Strauss, who's students LOVE this training.

Module 3: Change Your Life by Changing Yourself (17 Videos).This builds upon your ability to communicate effectively with yourself and correct old, negative messages and change them or replace them altogether with new, empowering internal programming. 

A big part of this section is a complete lesson on how to elicit your key values, which drive your behaviour … and they also drive changes in your behaviour once you realize what your current values are.

Module 4: Advanced Personal Power Skills (13 videos). Here you'll learn advanced techniques to create rapid, personal change. Maybe it's kicking old habits or eliminating negative emotions that hold you back? Maybe it's changing how you perceive parts of your life that limit you?