3 Easy Tips To Live an Incredibly Awesome Life

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Do you ever consider the fact that everything and more importantly everyone is constantly changing, in one-way or another? It’s true! Change is inevitable. 

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In this blog post we discuss some of our favorite ways for how to live an incredibly awesome life. Over the next few moments, you are going to discover some amazing information and tips that will help you to quickly adapt to an ever changing world.

To those nay-sayers who claim, “I’ll always be the same! I’ll never change who I am,” well, the truth is, why would you want to?

No, seriously. Why would you?

Could you imagine attempting to stay the exact same as you were as a toddler, a young child, or even a teenager? Could you imagine attempting to keep acting and being like you were in your early adulthood?

Experience is the spice of life, so strap in, buckle up, and let’s get started!

Tip #1 - Sameness = Death

Have you ever heard of the phrase, being bored to death? That sure sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? 

The truth is though, there is research showing that if you are constantly bored, you run the risk of premature death. According to the International Journal of Epidemiology, people who are chronically bored are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease, take unhealthy risks, or become addicted to substances, gambling, or food! (Source: https://academic.oup.com/ije/article/39/2/370/684049)


Boredom is considered the desire to have desires. Where someone has such a longing for wanting something that they start to want the ability to feel the feeling of desire.

In other words, they are bored of being bored. Awkward...

So what’s really going on?

When you achieve something or do something that is different, fun, joyful, or interesting, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which is the reward chemical!

Much like bread-crumbs leading you toward the next big achievement, dopamine helps to keep you entertained, feeling good, and discovering new possibilities by internally motivating you toward wanting to achieve more.

When you are bored though, it’s like a mental itch that needs scratching. It’s a signal from your brain that it wants another shot of dopamine.

So when you drive to work the same way, brush your teeth in the same manner, or do the same things you do everyday for entertainment, your brain will give you little shots of dopamine…

...until it doesn’t! In the same way that you can grow a tolerance for drugs or alcohol, you can also create a tolerance threshold for dopamine.

In other words, the more you do something over and over again, the less your brain will reward you. That means all the habits and routines you create in your life just become “part” of you, so your brain gives you less dopamine to keep you on track.

This is why being in flow state is such an important part of living the human experience. Flow state happens when you find an activity that is challenging enough to keep you engaged and entertained. 

When you enter flow state, your brain becomes primed for learning, curiosity, and most importantly, entertainment! It feels good to be challenged and it feels even better to know there is success just around the corner.

There are several ways you can kick the feelings of boredom and they don’t require a lot of time or money.

  • Change the route you take going to work
  • Shave or brush your teeth with the opposite hand
  • Bring some new people into your life
  • Find a new hobby

When you bring new things into your life, your brain lights up and starts making new internal patterns and connections. This is enough to signal your mind to give you a little shot of dopamine because, heck, it feels good not to be bored!

Tip #2 - Create a List and Create Schema

There is an easy way to help you live an interesting and awesome life but it requires a bit of effort on your part. One of the ways you can start to live life differently so you can all-but-guarantee your life is awesome is by creating something called schema.

Scientifically, schema are thoughts or behavior that organizes the categories of information and the relationship among them. Schema is requisite information; what you need to do specific tasks. 

To put it another way, your schemas help you to simplify the world and make sense of things around you, help you pattern match when learning something new, help you to think quickly, and also help you to change how you interpret incoming information.

In other words, if your life is a restaurant quality dish, the schemas are all the various spices and ingredients the dish is made of. And who would want to have a life that’s just plain-old boiled chicken?

Eww is right.

So how do you develop a new schema? By learning something completely new that is outside of your usual!

Here is an awesome 2 step activity that anybody can do to figure out how to develop new schemas.

  1. Create a list of all the things that you do repetitively. These can be a list of all your daily habits and routines, the books you read, the people you interact with, the places you visit, etc.
  2. Now ask yourself this empowering question, “If I could learn anything at all, what would I love to learn?” and write the answers down on a separate list. The trick to writing this list though, is to write down all of the answers that your unconscious mind gives you, no matter what they are. 

That means if you ask yourself the empowering question above and your mind suddenly says, “I want to learn how to play backgammon,” but you’ve never even considered it - write it down! Just because you’ve never considered it, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be fun, new, or entertaining!

We highly recommend you consider developing a schema that would activate both hemispheres of the brain. Simply put, think of the left side of the brain as the half that enjoys information, science, and language; while the right side of the brain enjoys music, art, and creativity.

When you start to put new and exciting things into your brain, like learning new activities or studying new information, it will begin to pattern match to things you’ve already experienced. 

These patterns will map over to your current schema, helping you to create new neural pathways while giving you a little shot of dopamine in return. The best part is, when you start to learn new things, there is a bit of a challenge involved, so you are more predisposed to going into a flow state!

Tip #3 - Find Mentors & Mirror Them

We mentioned this last tip at the beginning of this blog post and we thought it was worth mentioning again because it’s really important!

When you want to overcome boredom, develop a new schema, or learn something new, chances are there is somebody out there who is an expert in the very thing you want to improve on.

You are fortunate to live during a time of amazing technological advancements and communication! Just a few hundred years ago, a majority of people across the globe couldn’t even read or write!

Now, you can type practically anything you want into your browser's search bar, and find information pertaining to damn near whatever you want to learn!

Read biographies, watch documentaries, and study the masters who came before you! There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when you can just as easily expand on it.

If you were to take nothing from this blog post except for one tip, then let it be that one, because it is the most important one. When you learn from people who are masters in their field, it gives you an opportunity to pick up where they are currently at.

This is why neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis have become much more popular and mainstream than ever. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a model for enhancing a person’s performance and success, and it was developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Here's why you should get training in hypnosis, NLP, personal development & More!

Do you think Bandler and Grinder created NLP on a whim and just by the thoughts in their own head? Of course not! They studied Fritz Perlz, Virginia Satir, and Milton H Erickson, who were masters in the field of communication, hypnosis, and therapy.

By expanding their own schema, Richard Bandler and John Grinder created a system of techniques, therapeutic models, and communication skills, which are used by some of today’s top thought leaders, like Tony Robbins and Oprah.

When you study and mirror success, you are much more likely to find a similar path that you can walk on.

And the best part of developing a new schema and learning from new people comes from the opportunity to experience something new and fun; especially if those you are learning from really love what they do and are happy to teach you!

Bonus Tip #4 - Have You Considered Learning Hypnosis Or NLP?

We could go on and on all day writing about the different ways you could improve your life, but wouldn’t it be much better to experience it rather than read about it?

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So that means you get your time back and can learn everything you need to learn about NLP at a rapid pace. And once you learn NLP, you can start to use it to improve your own life or help other people.

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