Achieve Your True Potential Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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At a time when psychology was fixated with treating the “problems,” Abraham Maslow was busy researching what allows humans to flourish.  

As he learned the key ingredients for optimal psychology, he translated his knowledge into “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”. His model still stands today as one of the most useful in building an awesome life.  This pyramid has five levels: Physiological Needs, Safety Needs, Social Needs, Self-Esteem and finally, Self-Actualization.  

You could think of the levels like checkpoints in a video game where you may only progress to the next level once you have completed your current quest. Such an orderly progression doesn't usually match the adventurous chaos of daily life … but what it does offer a window into what may be holding you back?

Physiological Needs

With that in mind, let’s start at the base. Physiological needs are the things we cannot live without such as food, water and air – without that, we can't afford to worry about anything else. You can imagine what would quickly happen without access to these critical resources!

Safety and Security

At the second level we have Safety and Security Needs.  These encompass knowing that you will be safe while you sleep at night, that you can count on your body to be well and get you through the day, and that you have a stable source of money and health insurance that you can count on in emergency situations.

Social Needs

In the middle of the pyramid we have Social Needs like love and belonging. We all know how this category has been dramatically impacted by the health restrictions and social isolation of Covid-19.  So many of us are missing out on the simple in-person connections we might make in the office, at organized social activities (Jiu Jitsu!), or just hanging out with friends at the pub.

If you feel lonely, you are not alone my friends!  All we can do is reach deep into our creativity and create meaningful ways that we can still make contact.  

We are grateful to have digital communities, like the one we run for students of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. It’s like a home for many people, and becomes a place of belonging and support. We hope you have had a chance to experience that too! (come join us, if you haven't)


Right below the top we have the Self-Esteem Needs. These would be described as experiences where you are recognized and where your worth might be articulated by another, possibly in a way that many others can suddenly see how your contributions adds value to their own life and existence.


At the very top of the hierarchy is Self-Actualization.  This might be harder to put into words that satisfy all of the eyes that traverse these letters.  It could be described as being the best you can be…

And that is our goal here at Mike Mandel Hypnosis... Climbing the Maslow hierarchy of needs is something that will lead everyone towards building a more awesome and fulfilling life. After all, everyone just wants to feel better, right?

What if you are one decision away from Self-Actualization?

Here are some guiding questions to help you get started now.  What levels are your strongest? What level(s) would you like to strengthen? If there are a few areas, how might you design one solution (that considers order) that meets many needs simultaneously?  How could you rework your answers so they are more fun and frictionless?

If you’d like to join an awesome community of people dedicated to improving their lives, make sure to check out our Personal Growth Membership. It’s fun, it’s proven, and we would love to see you there!