Cardio for Weight Loss and How Beliefs Can Sabotage Your Results

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Cardio for Weight Loss and How Beliefs Can Sabotage Your Results

Can you really lose weight by doing cardio? The answer may surprise you. Keep reading and we'll explain this from the perspective of both hypnosis and biochemistry. We promise to keep it simple!

First, let's talk about conscious and unconscious changes.

Whenever you make a change in your life, you typically make a conscious decision to change something.  That conscious change causes an unconscious result. That’s more or less how hypnosis works too.

That, my friends, is cause and effect. The conscious change is the cause of whatever result you get.

If you consciously decide to lift weights, the unconscious result is that you build more muscle through a process known as hypertrophy.

If you consciously decide to stay up really late, the unconscious result is known as sleepiness. You get tired and you have a hard time keeping your eyes open.

And if you consciously decide to jump on your Peloton bike and ride until you’re dripping in sweat, you will certainly burn more calories, which can cause your body to burn fat and lose weight.

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Hunger is Unconscious

When it comes to weight loss, people have been indoctrinated to believe that if you just count your calories, you can ensure that you eat fewer calories than you burn. This will cause you to lose weight.

And that’s true.

Except counting calories is difficult, inaccurate, and it’s something you’d need to maintain forever if you want to maintain your results forever.

In this blog post, we talked about the two conscious choices a person can make to lose weight.  Either you can consciously restrict calories, or you can consciously restrict the kind of food you put in your mouth.

Either decision must be made consciously, and the results are unconscious. If you restrict calories consciously, your body will be forced to burn stored fat (and muscle) and you will lose weight. 

If you consciously change the type of food you put in your mouth, you can unconsciously control your hunger so your unconscious response is simply to eat less.  You lose weight as a result of this. And it’s easier to maintain forever compared to starving yourself.

The same goes for exercise.

If you jump on that Peloton bike and do a 30 minute HIIT and Hills workout, you’ll burn a significant number of calories. But hunger is unconscious.

So the result of working out hard (consciously) is to get more hungry (unconsciously).

The unconscious hunger negates the conscious exercise, and you don’t lose weight.

Watch here as we explain it all for you:

How Your Beliefs Screw Up Your Results

If you  don’t understand cause and effect, you can be fooled into thinking that high intensity exercise, such as cardio, is great for burning calories and weight loss.

You can fool yourself into thinking you’re riding that bike so you can have a couple of beers and some chips later on in the day.

If you fall into this trap you’re unlikely to lose weight.

Why? Because the real secret to weight loss is in changing your diet. We teach this in our Wellness Academy program, included in our Personal Growth Membership.

When you ride that bike believing that you’re burning calories, and you use that knowledge to justify a crap diet, you won’t get results.

Empowering Beliefs That Work for Weight Loss

Instead, we recommend you start with a healthy diet in mind. Let Dilt's Logical Levels work in your favour. Believe that you are a healthy person who is getting more fit. Believe that eating real foods, rather than processed junk, is your ticket to success.

Instead of doing your cardio workout with a goal of burning calories, just forget about the calories. Realize that your workout will make you more hungry. Use the exercise to reinforce your belief that you are getting fit, and that you are the kind of person who makes healthy food choices!

Then you’ll skip the pizza and eat the bunless beef burger or the salad with chicken and egg.

It’s a simple tweak to your belief system that makes all the difference. Start by understanding that cardio, while great for your body, is definitely going to increase your hunger. And then remind yourself you are getting leaner and more fit. You are the kind of person who eats real food, and every movement you make reinforces your belief in your new identity.

This will get you real results.

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What’s Next: Amplify your results with hypnosis. Make sure you checkout the Personal Growth Membership. Take advantage of our hypnosis audio programs + full Wellness Academy training program to get the physique you want!