Podcast Session 06: Messing with the Mind Part 1

Brain Software hypnosis podcast
In session 6 we decided to have a bit of fun. Well that isn’t quite accurate. We ALWAYS have a blast recording these podcasts, but this time I think we took it to a new level. I spent the whole podcast interviewing Mike about how to playfully mess with other people’s unconscious minds.

We talk about embedded commands, analog marking, confusion techniques, and how to use confusion to cascade into trance.

I think you’ll enjoy it. And stay tuned for session 7, because we had more stuff to cover and decided to create a 2-part series on this topic.

I’ve been talking to Mike about the possibility of hosting live webinars also, and I have a feeling the topic of influence & persuasion may be a very popular one. So, if you’re interested in Mike Mandel spending 90 minutes sharing his inner most secrets about influence on a webinar, let us know in the comments section.

Mike’s next hypnosis class happens in April 2012. Get the details at NLP Canada Training. Sign up early to get a spot!

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