Podcast #107 – Assertion, Argumentation, and Inner Child Work…

Welcome to Brain Software podcast, episode # 107, Dear Friends. It’s raining, Dear Friends…not just here…but there as well…The hypnotic moisture has arrived! 

What ever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

We continue with the most entertaining hypnosis podcast extant! Today we discuss the usual totally cool stuff that will make your life worth living again.

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Here are the show notes from this episode:

    • Mike is back from the Great White North! Viva Las Vegas!
    • Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…and nothing’s going to happen!
    • The Incredible James Tripp is coming to Toronto! Join us a learn a ton of stuff you can use!
    • Mike is teaching a one day intensive on graphology! This comes with lifetime access to the online training!
    • Thinktank word of the day is: FEET – movement, where do you want to go? Support…we can stand on our foundation! Distance too! What is measurable in your life in the changes you’re making?
    • Chris’ next goal? He’s obsessed with gaining the flexibility and the strength to do a press handstand!
    • Michael C. Anthony’s brilliant “On a scale of 8 to 10” question!
    • Argumentation doesn’t mean a screaming match. It’s a reasonable disputation to determine the truth.
    • Some arguments are not arguments. They’re assertions that lead to floating roofs!
    • Logically Fallacious by Bo Bennett is an excellent book!
    • Opinions may or may not be true! Don’t go to sound technicians for financial advice, no matter how good your feelings are!
    • The Salt Fix by James DiNicolantonio is another awesome book…
    • Mail Bag Questions: Fred from Fleming College
    • So many things depend upon Ego States!
    • Mike is still threatening to teach Wizard School!
    • Memories before about 3 1/2  years of age are highly suspect!
    • Hypnosis makes all this stuff easier. It’s an amplifier of experience!
    • Read Gordon Emmerson’s amazing books!
    • Send your questions in by speaking into your phone and emailing it to us!
    • Question from Brad: How do you know you’re in self-hypnosis?

A word from our sponsor: You’re still just Danny!

  • 100 Days of Awesome: Learn to say NO! “I hope they don’t ask me for any more money!”
  • Agree with what they say  (understood) and then tell them what you want.
  • Learn to say YES! Genuinely help people.

Empowering Questions: What is the most empowering thing I can add to my life right now, and how will I make it permanent?  What key thing will I do today that will maximize the awesome quotient of my life, and how will I make it last forever?

Empowering Metafive: Mike Brooks and the fair fight.

Ending: Mike improvises a song about a Soft Boxy lighting fixture!

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