Podcast #115 – The Principles of Hypnosis, Part Three, and The Last Number!

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 115
 where we STILL continue our discussion on the simple principles of hypnosis!
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Here are the show notes:

As we stay off the shoals in the Straits of Magellan, let’s ask that good old question…

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know? And the answer is always the same:

These are days of victory!!!

  • It’s almost Christmas, as we record this, and we’re continuing to help you master the basics!
  • Chris says it’s going to be a pretty good podcast. Talk about damning with faint praise!
  • The sign-up page for the Fabulous Jacquins is online now! Come out for the 2 day intensive and stay for Architecture of Hypnosis!
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  • One Word update! Mike’s keeping his word: ONWARD
  • Email your voice recordings! Tell us your One Word, and why you chose it and we’ll play it!
  • Engage emotions to draw the person into their feelings and back in their physical body…
  • Calibrate! Remember to notice…
  • Mandel Triangle will help you a lot,  provided you use it!
  • If you fill up the conscious mind and overload it, you can slip other things into the unconscious mind! You must have Rapport!
  • The Critical Faculty is just a model! It’s not a thing. Pretend it’s there and find ways to bypass it.
  • Emotional experiences are altered states! “Engage emotions, give a suggestion!” – Freddy Jacquin
  • Melissa Tiers cured Mike’s late night snacking on dried fruit, loaded with carbs by engaging the emotions!
  • “Calibration is an opportunity to have a feedback loop installed.” – Chris Thompson (One of his fleet of Teslas is the example)
  • “You can’t see what you can’t see…” – Derek Balmer. It really means: You can’t see what you’re not looking for.
  • Congruence, Confidence and Conviction (Intention) all held together by Calibration in the middle of the triangle.
  • Others like to hang around with confident people!
  • Congruence – It’s when all our systems are sending the same consistent message. We mistrust mixed messages!
  • Tony the Tiger is congruent!
  • Conviction, or Intention is the most Woo Woo of all! That’s how the Marquis de Peysegur got his hypnotism to work.
  • David Foster’s question about lucid dreaming. It’s close to a hypnopompic state, and it’s damn vivid, folks!
  • The visual cortex does an approximation of clocks, fine print and lighting. Check it through the day by asking “Am I dreaming?”
  • Log your dreams upon awakening. It helps. Or have someone set up an anchor for you by hypnotising you.
  • David’s second question on NLP and hypnosis for increasing mindfulness and attention. Set up a mindfulness anchor!
  • Chris finds mindfulness to be difficult, but he admits it so it’s okay!
  • You can get our awesome Power Inductions training here.

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Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: What’s going on all around me, and what trance indicators am I not noticing?

Empowering Metafive: Randy Finlay, the devil’s death, bullying, and Black Stillion…

Ending: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, with free-style chanting!

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