Podcast #118 – Powerful Communication Strategies – Part 2

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 118
 where we continue our awesome series on the simple principles of effective communication!
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Here are the show notes:

Emanating from the Hypnotic World Epicenter! We are here to show you how to be the best, of the best, as a communicator! It’s a white day, and a windy day, here at the Dyatlov Pass with The People’s Physicist, Dave Ambrose…but more importantly:

What ever happened to that old tranquility we used to know? 

These are days of victory!!!

The Word of the Day from the Think Tank is: FACADE

  •  It makes Mike think of Disney World buildings…
  • Was that your greatest failure of all time?
  • Email questions from Roxanne…PTSD, social anxiety…etc.
  • What can you still do? Celebrate small victories!
  • Mandel Model says: Detraumatize first!
  • Know your audience! (Don’t you hate speakers like that?)
  • Develop flexibility of behaviour!
  • Stop saying: I’ll try…(but you can “try things on for size”)
  •  Autonomy Rules! We hate it when others tell us what to do!
  • Our language limits us! We can limit ourselves with our language
  • Instant Influence by Michael Pantalon is an excellent book, so buy it!
  • In a study, people did the exact opposite of what they were told to do or not do!
  • We resist the arbitrary imposition of somebody else’s structure…
  • If you reinforce autonomy first, you’ll be much more influential!
  • Why is a useful word, but not when you’re focusing on a problem…
  • Why might (x) be a great thing to do works really well!

Special Breaking News! 

  • Validate the other person, because invalidation is really bad!
  • Make supportive sounds or offer back language to validate
  • Chris talks about his poker-faced boss in a former job…
  • The Deadpan Stare Invalidation Intervention!
  • Mike brilliantly names Chris’ daughters: Fraylikka and Trojana!

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself: Who in my life is my greatest communication challenge, and what influence can I have that can and will make things much better? Which communication skill can and will I apply to improve things with that one person?

Empowering Metafive: The Flame Projectors

Ending: Henry Squatter learns a foreign language

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