Podcast Session 12: Self hypnosis, human givens, REM sleep, fixing insomnia and building confidence

Brain Software hypnosis podcastThe best hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP podcast on the planet is back with Session 12! Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson dive right into the topics you’ve been asking about.

Mike explains why self hypnosis has traditionally been difficult and how you can successfully use self hypnosis. We discuss dissociation and how it’s used in NLP. Did you know that accessing a memory changes the memory? Mike gives an unbelievably bizarre example of this from his own life.

We also talk about the Human Givens model, and how REM sleep has an important job with respect to emotional health. This is fascinating! How many social contacts do you think the average person can maintain? Find out on this podcast. How can you build powerful resourceful states for self confidence? Mike explains the “as if” frame as the solution to achieving this. We talked about a door to door marketing company and their sales pitch which was wonderfully designed with social psychology in mind. Finally, we discuss insomnia and the law of reversed effect.

The book, Human Givens, comes highly recommended by Mike Mandel, as discussed on the podcast.

UPDATES: Mike’s April hypnosis training is now over, and it was exceptional! We’re already getting requests for details on the next training. As of now we’re planning for September 2012, and the training will run Monday-Friday for the whole week. Given the new Mon-Fri format (versus two weekends), this will appeal to out of town students more. Get in touch with us early if you are seriously interested. Space may be limited based upon the demand.

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