Podcast #125 – Part 2 of Suggestion, Regression and Timelines

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 125 – Today we continue our two-part series on suggestion, regression and the power of personal timelines!

Here are the show notes:

Welcome to Brain Software Episode 125. I’m Chris Thompson, and today Mike Mandel and I continue to discuss a wide variety of ways to make lasting change, so stay tuned…

Dave Ambrose welcomes the world’s foremost Tesla owner and driver, Chris Thompson! And seriously folks…whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know, Pouch?

THESE ARE DAYS OF VICTORY!!! So let’s get to it, Scro!

  • Chris is buying McDonald’s sundaes and refusing to give information that helps! This the annoyance by exclusion model!
  • The Jacquins have been and gone again! There are very few spots left for the June Architecture of Hypnosis…
  • Wizard School is coming to London England in November!
  • 1,000,000 neuronal connexions per minute on average…
  • Try on a different Timeline and see what it’s like!
  • The car crash that was right in front of her…
  • Stretch out your future to make the events more manageable!
  • If this stuff sounds unclear, listen to the previous podcast…
  • The trainer who sometimes showed-up in the wrong ego state!
  • We all have sub-personalities or parts! It’s normal…
  • Teacher, Librarian and Jester all co-operate for Mike…
  • Lionheart showed up! And boy, can he present…
  • Plant didn’t want to be executive when Bob presented…
  • Mike negotiated between the ego states and the lawn tree bloomed!
  • The Henry demo dealt with a repressed memory – a negative emotion that went back to his father shouting and scaring him
  • The client-centered therapy assumes the situation determines the intervention because the client is the one who has the tools for change and does the healing!
  • You are your only therapist!
  • Authoritarian hypnosis and indirect hypnosis are on a continuum!
  • Mike explains about using indirect hypnosis on an airliner to Boston…
  • Mike loves Hill and Rossi’s Mirroring Hands!
  • The indirect stuff works when you can’t be a hypnotist…but can be a person…
  • Hypnosis is easy…it really is!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself: What question will I routinely ask myself that will begin to bring greater and greater transformation to my life?

Empowering Metafive: The Story of Winnipeg and the Sauna

Ending: Romantic Traffic

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