Podcast #126 – Communication Pitfalls

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 126. Today we talk all about communication pitfalls! And it’s also Dave Ambrose’s 17th birthday again, so let’s get started…

Here are the show notes:

Communication pitfalls suck! So we’re here to correct the problem.

As usual, it’s a rainy day here in the Hypnotic World Epicenter, but seriously folks…whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

THESE ARE DAYS OF VICTORY, and Happy Birthday Dave!

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  • Mike is interrupting Chris the exact right amount…

THINK TANK WORDS: Menace, impregnable, pinpoint

  • Purblindness is not seeing what’s obviously there…
  • Straightforward communication doesn’t work when people aren’t listening…
  • Are you looking? Or are you boy looking?
  • How can you tell if someone’s trying to be a dick?
  • When reading text messages, don’t go beyond the words!
  • The only way to find out what someone’s thinking is if they tell you!
  • Mike brilliantly clarifies mind-reading!
  • We cannot attribute maliciousness when it might only be ignorance!
  • Mike mentions his favourite blog: TheForthrightOne.com
  • Reverse mind-reading is even more annoying!
  • NLP people often think they are now able to mind read!
  • What do you mean by that? How do you know that? Great questions!
  • The one who makes the assertion bares the burden of proof…
  • This means that is an example of complex equivalence!
  • Chris unpacks complex questions with zero details, and Mike quietly does a guinea pig laugh in the background…
  • Chris gives Sweatmanesque details about simple questions with zero details…
  • The Ken Sweatman Story! This is an explication with way too much detail…
  • Pattern interrupts work well against this…
  • Failure to calibrate disconnection! Look at the person’s feet and watch for signs of disinterest…
  • Feet turned away means attempted disengagement!
  • Busy executives stand up to end meetings…
  • No exit strategy! Horrible when they cannot exit a loop…
  • Feigning a heart attack is an excellent pattern interrupt!

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  • Unfinished sentences drive Mike insane! Zeigarnik effect!
  • Chris recommends people “pre-rehearse everything they are going to say”…
  • Management speak! Another horrible communication error…
  • Never mistake politeness for interest!
  • “Be nice to people, but not so nice all the frickin’ time that you’ve just wasted your entire life listening to them!” – Chris Thompson
  • Make sure you get to the point! Mike uses the Noam Chomsky example.
  • Remember that Q and A requires questions, not a monologue!
  • The Ken Sweatman build-up! Catch yourself and hilariously point it out when others do it.
  • No need to be offensive when teaching! It’s dickish for sure.
  • Mike’s dad never swore. Ever. He once called a man a “selfish basket”.
  • Word whiskers! You know? Okay? Right? I mean…Like…Even skilled trainers can make this mistake.

Empowering Question: Ask yourself: Which of these communication pitfalls am I subject to, and will will I do today to eliminate them?

Empowering Metafive: Thunder Bay and the man who didn’t say anything

Ending: The Unicorn song

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