Podcast #129 – No Instructions Required

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 129. This episode is all about verbal Jiu Jitsu

Here are the show notes:

There are all kinds of awesome things you can do…like verbal jiu jitsu! We show you how to be the controller, rather than the controlled…

The Shyzzjigg Corporation Presents: Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel!

It’s a great day, and let’s not forget!

These are days of victory!!!!!

Mike intros a man who’s table kept disappearing when the dead woman appeared in the cabin bathroom: Chris Thompson!!!

  • We just wrapped up a huge and successful launch of the Fabulous Jacquin’s product! (This stuff really comes out!)
  • Architecture of Hypnosis June training was awesome, with our first ever student from China!
  • Mike is leaning out and will be fit and lean at HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas!
  • Dealing with dicks and others! Sometimes it’s malicious, but not always…

THINK TANK WORDS OF THE DAY:   Castle   Pontoon   Salad

  • Dealing with caustic, toxic, and silly people!
  • Some people think they’re being helpful…but they’re not.
  • Weird Jim with the Kung-fu tattoos!
  • Behaviour and intent…
  • Sometimes you have to cut the cord…
  • Some people cannot be helped, no matter what we do!
  • Are they ignorant or malicious?
  • Mike has matured a bit now he’s 66…
  • ”You should…” is the imposition of someone else’s model on you!
  • What do you mean by that? How do you know that?
  • Hands off my control panel!
  • No input required! No instructions necessary! (Thanks MCA!)
  • Use this technique and tell us how you used it!
  • Appealing to an unverifiable source…
  • No pontificating! You are not speaking Ex Cathedra…
  • Watch out for the ubiquitous THEY…
  • Mike hates personal space violations! Close talkers…
  • Edward T. Hall’s proxemics…
  • If you back up, these dicks will get closer!
  • “Put out the intimate fire!” – Mike Mandel
  • If it’s malicious and you’ve got “the bottle” then left eye the person!
  • WE ARE NOT TELLING YOU TO DO THIS! You’re on your own…
  • Looking psychotic can work sometimes!
  • No exit strategy can be horrible! You need to know that the point is over…
  • Spatial anchoring can move the topic to the side and out of the way…
  • Holding court drives Mike crazy! (But he does it too…)
  • Seize the locus of the focus! Feign a heart-attack!
  • Smirking disbelief! It’s truly mocking…
  • Neutrinos are real, no matter what Dave thinks… Get an education!
  • I just detected a topic change!
  • “How did you come to that conclusion?” He who makes the assertion bears the burden of proof!
  • ”Well all I know…” Limited knowledge doesn’t mean you are correct!
  • Ad hominem attacks go after the person, not the evidence!
  • To seem more powerful: Take up more space and move slower…

Empowering Questions:  What sort of people upset me, and how will I take control back today? How will I maintain my own autonomy while resisting control?

Empowering Metafive: Cardiff Wales and the slow motion policeman

Ending: The girl who bought the saw

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