Podcast Session 13: Mike’s latest hypnosis class, REM and Elman inductions, and more

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWe’re back with Session 13 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel! We spent a lot of time talking about how to do hypnosis on this podcast, since at the time of recording, Mike Mandel had just finished training his latest crop of students.

We’re officially holding our next hypnosis training the week of Sept 24-28th in Toronto. We’ve got a beautiful room booked for the training and the interest level is high. On the podcast Mike said 5 people have already reserved their space. Safe to say that that number has gone up substantially since we recorded!

During the podcast I asked Mike to explain the REM induction that he designed, based on the work of the Human Givens model of psychology. I was the subject of this trance induction demo in class, and it was amazing!

Noticing how poor some of the hypnosis demonstrations are on YouTube, I also proposed to Mike that we record some quality demos and put them online. He agreed. And I’m happy to tell you that the first 3 are already up on YouTube (see embedded videos below).

We talk about the differences between Ericksonian hypnosis and direct hypnosis. Mike goes over the famous Dave Elman induction, explaining why it is such a perfect induction (and it’s a power induction, NOT a progressive relaxation exercise!).

There’s a great discussion of present state vs target state in this podcast too. Interestingly, asking “why” questions just amplifies the present state and does NOTHING to move you towards the target state. Ask HOW questions instead. Mike’s favourite question is, “How can I get smarter today and have an absolute blast doing it?”

The closing metaphor for Podcast Session 13 is about a wonderful (and completely true) story from Mike’s personal history, about an Angus Young Gibson SG guitar.

September 2012 Training: We’re going to post final details about the upcoming Sept 24-28 training event shortly. If you’d like us to email you with the details just send us a note. Our email address is on the contact page.

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Here’s Mike Mandel demonstrating the famous Dave Elman induction

Here’s an induction called “The Little Shelf”

And finally, for today … here’s an induction called “Breathing with the Hand”