Podcast #130 – Hypnosis Mail Bag

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 130. This episode is a mix of questions from our hypnosis mail bag! Answering these questions is our way to prove to YOU that we’re actually listening, sort of…

Here are the show notes:

There’s really so much going on…but there’s only one question that needs to be addressed: 

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

…and yes, these are indeed days of victory!

There’s so much coming up! HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas, Michael C. Anthony is coming to Toronto, we’re heading to London England for the UK Hypnosis Convention, teaching MINDSCAPING certification and Wizard School…and much, much more!


  • Never lose the thread, or you’ll reach a crisis!
  • A Scot in a great kilt…what a nightmare! Make friends with Scots…
  • Clients are more likely to change when they see their life in crisis!
  • We believe in continuous change and personal growth!
  • A fiery kitchen? What a great metaphor, Mike!
  • 80 lbs of testicular tumour in the 1880s…
  • NEWS FLASH! UK flights are booked!
  • Julie asks about procrastination over good things…
  • Bad teeth can push us to threshold!
  • “Always have at least 3 models of the world” – Derek Balmer
  • Learn how to do a PMI, which is a plus/minus inventory
  • Learn to whittle down the list by dropping items…
  • Remember the option of doing nothing! (Brilliant reframe, Chris!)
  • Don’t get stuck with analysis paralysis!
  • Doctor Brandon asks about using hypnosis in his practice – PGO spike anyone?
  • PGO spike comes from shock, surprise, novelty…
  • The more intense the spike the longer the opening to the unconscious mind will last!
  • Kelly in Australia asks about ultra-sensitive partners…
  • Mismatchers do the opposite automatically
  • Sensitivity to criticism shows up in handwriting!
  • Remove the loops from the stems and notice what happens…
  • People need to feel that they can speak their mind!
  • Don’t interrupt! Wait before correcting…
  • Clean Language helps you unpack what the person’s saying!
  • “Humour unlocks the model” – John Grinder
  • Anchors can trigger nasty states!
  • Karen in North Carolina asks about an unhappy client…
  • The orthodontist story is true…
  • Don’t bring your subject out of trance and then ask “Are you alright?”
  • There are still a lot of script-readers out there!
  • ”If I join your hypnosis academy, will I have access to scripts?” – Not a chance!

Commercial Break: You’re Still Just Danny!

  • Ken in Quebec asks about the Elman Induction as the means of getting to the Esdaile State
  • Dave Elman re-discovered the Esdaile State 
  • Bullying and Jackassery addressed
  • Enlist the aid of the bully’s cronies…
  • It’s the Jerry Intervention again!
  • “Oh…Your one of those a**holes, aren’t you?”
  • We’re working on another deck of cards…
  • Question about dealing with a smoker…Lots of red flags here!
  • Kate has a great response: They have to convince you…
  • Ken Guzzo shout-out! 
  • The client does the change work, not the hypnotist!

Empowering Questions: What reasons do I have for maintaining mediocrity…and what do I learn by letting go of all of it…NOW…

Empowering Metafive: The 3 Michaels

Ending: The Saw Song

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