Podcast #131 – Interview with Michael C. Anthony – World’s Greatest Stage Hypnotist

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 131! Today Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel interview legendary state performer Michael C. Anthony.

Here are the show notes:

Even though we have a guest, we have to ask the usual vitally important question:

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

THESE ARE DAYS OF VICTORY!!! (And we are not witches!)

Michael C. Anthony is coming to Toronto, we’re heading to London England for the UK Hypnosis Convention, teaching MINDSCAPING certification and Wizard School…and much, much more!

  • MCA is an American, but was raised in the Toronto area!
  • Michael had great uncle who was a stage hypnotist and pickpocket
  • It’s all about the presentation, folks!
  • Mentalism is the branch of magic that gives the impression that the performer has paranormal powers…It fits well with hypnosis
  • MCA started by doing magic effects 4 nights per week in restaurants…
  • Is it magic or mentalism? It all depends on how you sell it!
  • Yikes! MCA actually owned a cookie store…
  • Michael went to see Mike Mandel do hypnosis in the early 1990’s, and so did Chris Thompson…What influence!
  • MCA put it on hold for 4 years and kept making cookies…
  • Then he did his first hypnosis show at Sheridan College. He had 4 months to prep and was feeling nervous sick the day of the show!
  • 25 years later, he’s still having a blast!
  • Anyone can be a stage performer part-time…
  • The Illusionists magic show contacted Michael after a world-wide search, but he had to do 20 minute sets…
  • He got through the first show, and the rest is history…
  • The 3 Pillars are: Rapport, Confidence, and Creativity
  • You’ve got to fascinate them right off the top!
  • Mentalism and magic lead naturally into a hypnosis show…
  • You must establish credibility, and mentalism or magic are the way to to it!
  • MCA has even fooled Mensa groups with his magic skills!
  • Come to Toronto and learn this stuff from the best in the world!
  • Hypnosis onstage vs hypnotherapy…
  • As a performer, you must be constantly entertaining the audience…
  • There’s a huge amount of energy in a hypnosis stage show, or should be!
  • Stage hypnotism is a great field that therapists can benefit from! It builds flexibility and hypnotic confidence…
  • MCA’s goal when entertaining an audience is that everyone walks out as a believer…
  • Mike Mandel learned many entertainment skills from MCA! He learned how to sell effects rather than just do them…
  • Group hypnosis is actually much easier than working with an individual!
  • MCA will be teaching his induction in Toronto that “goes for the jugular”!
  • Public shows are the best way for hypnotherapists to scale their business!
  • You might have a job and only do stage hypnosis on the side…at first!
  • Corporate shows and cruise ships are where the money is! $10,000.00 plus per show…
  • Nobody will ask how long you’ve been doing hypnosis!
  • MCA charges $12,500.00 plus $1,500.00 travel!
  • Michael does not miss working at the cookie store, and Mike Mandel doesn’t miss working for Bell Canada!
  • When MCA comes to Toronto it will be fun and awesome! He’ll teach you the stuff he actually uses in his performances!
  • The hypnosis lecture is a sales pitch to get people onstage…
  • You can do demonstrations at libraries, health food stores, etc., to get shows!
  • There are all kinds of ways of using mentalism effects to grab attention…
  • (Chris takes a moment to insult Mike Mandel at this point.)
  • There will be a Q and A in Toronto with Mike and Mike unplugged!
  • MCA does a Mentalism Effect…SUCCESS from 1300 miles away! 
  • You’ll learn this kind of mentalism and stage hypnosis which are life-changing material!
  • Come to Toronto in October 19/20 and learn from MCA! Info here.

Ending: Good night!

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