Podcast #137 – Fascinating Hypnosis Conversation

This is the Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 137, coming to you from Toronto Canada, with Mike Mandel, and Chris Thompson.  Today it’s hypnosis, hypnosis and more hypnosis…

Hypnosis is our theme and our content!

Here are the show notes:

Don’t you hate speakers who say essentially nothing?

In reality, the only question that matters is:

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?


Why is it you can always get enough caviar, but you can never get enough toast to go with it?

Direct from Hypno East…(near Toronto!)

  • What are we on about today?
  • Let’s double down and do an all hypnosis episode!
  • We’re in London England at the UK Hypnosis Convention
  • Architecture of Hypnosis is coming up November 18-22!
  • We discuss a magician on Britain’s Got Talent…
  • Now having said that…we discuss Freddy Jacquin’s amazing statement!
  • It is a near-miraculous use of emotion!

THINK TANK WORDS:  Corporal    Shift    Shipyard

  • Hypnotism is the art and science – hypnosis is the thing produced!
  • Now hypnosis can mean both things, but hypnotism still means the study
  • Trance vs Hypnosis? Same damn thing! Just labels, folks!
  • We agree with James Tripp…Producing phenomena without a formal induction
  • “The test of a model is its usefulness” – John Grinder
  • “Always have at least three models of the world” – Derek Balmer
  • Everything is context driven. Without context, there is no meaning!
  • I can’t vs I don’t discussion…Autonomy again!
  • Chris’ dream was like a hallucination!
  • Mike’s scathing letter was printed…again.
  • Hypnosis gives us the means of causing deep change, as opposed to superficial change…
  • Hypnosis is not trying to convince someone about something. There are actual changes occuring in their brains!
  • Hypnosis: Threat or Menace? What a double-bind!

Commercial Break: The Shyzzjigg Corporation

  • Next podcast we’ll be talking about PGO Spikes, Gil Boyne, Abbe Faria…etc.
  • How long does it take to make changes? Erickson vs Elman
  • Caveats, stage hypnosis, etc.

Empowering QuestionAsk yourself: How are hypnosis and hypnotic principles operating in my life, and what will I still learn to be the best communicator I possibly can?

The Metafive: The Valentine’s Day Horror

Ending: Handbags and Gladrags

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