Podcast #140 – Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever (Part 1)

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 140, almost live, from the Hypnotic World Epicenter, Toronto Canada!  Want 2020 to be awesome? Then stay tuned…

It’s 2020! And we’re here for you!

Willoughby again! Oh no…Let’s ride the Iron Bastard into the trancey new tomorrow…

Here are the show notes:

And once again…we really need to know:

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?


2020 is going to be our best year ever, and maybe your best year ever too…

  • We’re beginning with discussion about the amazing UK Hypnosis Convention, and what a blast it was…
  • We have a brand new location! We are no longer at St Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, and maybe one day we’ll tell you why…
  • A relationship has ended…and it’s a relief for us! We’re right Downtown now!
  • Come to Toronto, folks! We’re open and booking Architecture of Hypnosis now…
  • What will you do to make 2020 great?


  • Start 2020 by decluttering your life! Work…relationships…work…etc.
  • A clear working area means clear thinking…
  • A clean car runs better…or at least seems to!
  • Remove everything that’s not useful or beautiful…
  • One Word for 2020? Nude? Management? (Mike chose WISDOM, Chris chose FUN)
  • Start using the Navigator (see podcast 139 last 10 minutes)
  • Rent a clown costume? Hilarious!
  • No iPad on the table at suppertime!
  • Mike fired an agent after 25 years! That’s what it takes sometimes…
  • What about repairing relationships and renewing them?
  • Relationships are like gardens; you have to weed them and tend to them…
  • “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity” – Horace Mann
  • Remember: There are physical limits to what we can do…
  • Mike believes that generosity comes back to you…
  • Who’s the role model you can imitate for 2020?
  • We are like Tesla, because we constantly improve products that are already purchased…Check out our Hypnotic Power Inductions!
  • What is your biggest time waster that is letting your life slip away?
  • “Isn’t that the hospital where you died?”
  • What is the biggest hole in the boat you have to fix? Plug it before you bail the boat?
  • What abilities do you have that you’re simply not using?
  • What brand-new subject will you put time into learning in 2020?
  • Mike’s new subject is Oceanography!

The Metafive: The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Ending: Downtown

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