Podcast #144 – Discovering Your Sub-Personalities

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Episode # 144, almost live, from the Hypnotic World Epicenter, Toronto Canada!  You are not a person, you’re a committee! Check it out here…

Calling all sub-personalities…We’re here for you!

Dave Ambrose rides the Iron Bastard into the vortex of the tornado!


Here are the show notes:

Answer this for me folks…

Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?


Make sure all your ego states are listening!

Bavartsch and Vootie!

Come out and study in our new classroom in downtown Toronto! Architecture of Hypnosis and Bob Burns event are filling up fast…


  • Ego states are parts of the personality! Paul Federn started it all…
  • Gordon Emmerson has written great stuff on ego states. He calls them resource states!
  • NLP just calls them parts. They’re developed in childhood and are part of the physical structure of the brain!
  • Ego states are digital! Only one at a time can be executive…
  • The classroom model is a great way to understand the concept
  • Most of our ego states know about each other
  • You’ll use the same 5 to 15 on a daily basis, but you might have hundreds of them!
  • The bungalow model is probably the best one! Who answers the door?
  • They look and sound and act differently from each other…
  • The Business Man ego state is the wrong one to play with a dog!
  • Some ego states can muscle others out of the executive!
  • Mike teaches with 3 ego states when he teaches! Teacher, Librarian, and Jester!
  • Please understand: They aren’t people that Mike is hallucinating! This is mainstream psychoneurology!
  • Mike has a 007 ego state for emergencies…that’s awesome!
  • To heal Vaded ego states they have to become Executive!
  • You can separate ego states with 2 chairs, just like Fritz Perls…
  • Check out the Healing Hand ego state!
  • Mouthpiece is being dealt with and re-educated…
  • The Highest Wisdom state is respected by all the others!
  • Insightful is one of Chris’ ego states…
  • We believe that depressed people have an ego state problem!
  • You can ask an ego state What is your purpose? What do you do for him?
  • You can do some ego state mapping to understand yourself!
  • People with extreme substance abuse keep the pain away with drugs or alcohol…
  • Check out Inner Active Cards – You can use them on yourself!
  • Mike will codify a way to deal with analytical subjects through ego state work!

Empowering Questions: Ask yourself what ego states are executive most of the time, and what are their names? When I learn to communicate with them, how awesome will my life be when I address and remove the conflicts?

The Metafive: The terrifying story of Mrs. Bardwell

Ending: Jenny and the smooth one redux

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