Podcast #159 – Wellness and Mass Hypnosis with Dr. Tro Kalayjian

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast. This is episode #159 where we interview Dr Tro Kalayjian, a medical doctor who’s lost 150 lbs! Listen to find out the connection between nutrition and beliefs...

Listen to the Episode:

Introduction for Episode 159

It’s rare for us to have a special guest; especially a medical doctor, and Tro Kalayjian is both. Today we’ll explore the power of belief when combined with sane nutrition that flies in the face of conventional wisdom!

Show Notes for Episode 159

  • We are huge fans of the Low Carb MD Podcast, so check it out!
  • Hypnosis and beliefs fit with wellness and that’s why we’re here...
  • Mike cured his fatty liver by doing the opposite of what he was told!
  • Weirdly, people still think they have to count calories!?!
  • Society has taken on the Angel Keys trance - but who benefits?
  • Whoever pays for research usually gets the results they want...
  • Dr Tro was 350 lbs and is a board certified internal medicine doctor
  • He went back to the evidence and found falsification in the literature
  • Low carbs were consistently having best results
  • Even calorie for calorie, low carb reduces metabolic syndrome and fatty liver
  • It’s easiest for an MD to parrot the party line; even if it doesn’t work
  • Not eating actually elevates cholesterol! We mean fasting by choice...
  • When you go low carb you’re asking your body to use fat for fuel...
  • The average American eats 16 hours per day!
  • Anorexics have cholesterol that’s through the roof! But they can’t reduce their saturated fat, because they aren’t eating any.
  • Reality Tunnels are wholesale sets of confirmation bias and we will automatically support what we believe...
  • When we believe something fervently, we will defend it; even against overwhelming evidence to the contrary!
  • Even 1,000 years ago, we thought we’d reached the pinnacle of medical knowledge...
  • Now we’ve arrived! The science is settled. Not.
  • Threshold is required: Something has to change. It has to be now. It has to be me!
  • When someone’s at threshold, the intervention is minimal!
  • The Swiss Cheese model says no single defence can maintain a lifestyle...
  • Start with awareness and knowledge...”Why am I hungry? Why am I eating?”
  • Mental Game - Diet - Activity 
  • We'll eat pizza and eat it cold 4 hours later! We'll eat Chinese food twice in 3 hours!
  • Calorie counting (to us) is ludicrous. Nobody ever did this before!
  • The unconscious mind can run all this stuff through food choice and satiety...
  • Get the low-carb chocolate, ice cream, etc. Replace what you cannot eliminate! Keep it in the fridge and soon you won’t want it anymore.
  • Exercise isn’t even added in Dr Tro’s program for the first two months!
  • The power of the internet, wearable monitors, AI will all help this catch on...
  • Evidence helps! Constant glucose monitoring can disprove the constant hypnotic message...
  • Dr Tro will provide the tools to you can figure out who lied to you...
  • We are conditioned by food companies...
  • Patients get a scale that tracks water weight, lean mass, and a continuous glucose monitor, etc. 
  • Support mechanism is essential to stay on track. Dr Tro wants to intervene early with his patients so it doesn’t get out of control
  • Stress and cortisol add water weight, fat, and decrease self-esteem
  • Dr Tro uses 15 cloud based platforms to work with his patients...
  • Identity statements and beliefs...A public commitment helps follow-through!
  • Identity statements are very powerful - for good and bad!
  • Your behaviours are not who you are!
  • I am Wellness Boy! - Chris Thompson
  • The first step is to understand the behaviour. It’s not your fault that you’re stressed out...
  • You can find Dr Tro Kalayjian here: DoctorTro.com
  • His wife is an entrepreneur and she has low carb stuff too.
  • If you’re on insulin, contact him!
  • Remember to check out the Low Carb MD Podcast and save a bunch of money!

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