Podcast #160 – All About NLP Part 1

This is the Brain Software Podcasst episode #160. Today we’ll be unpacking neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, so stay tuned to learn tons...

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Introduction for Episode 160

It’s a rainy day in Brainville...that’s right...We’re going to have a blast learning, so let’s make it ridiculously clear: We are hoping for reconsolidation...and


So pull up a set of headphones or AirPods and let’s get started!

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  3. GUEST

Show Notes for Episode 160

  • In like Jack the booster!
  • NLP is a model of models - a science of personal excellence
  • Sleight of Mouth - Robert Dilts is a great book!
  • It’s neurolinguistic programming, folks!
  • It started in the early to mid 1970s modelling Virginia Satir, Fritz Perl’s, and Milton Erickson
  • Bandler and Grinder codified and deconstructed all these things, and led to Classic NLP and John Grinder’s NLP New Code
  • Here are some of the axioms or precepts that we accept as useful:
  • The past does not equal the future! Things can change...
  • Choice is always better than no choice...
  • People are not broken! They’re doing the best they can with the resources they have...
  • Your unconscious protects you so it still has somewhere to live...
  • Success leaves clues...Find out their strategies and behaviours!
  • Failure is only feedback! It’s just information, that’s all...
  • Behind every behaviour there is a positive intention!
  • The meaning of the communication is the response it elicits...So modify your communication until you get the response you want!
  • We do not experience the world directly, but in our internal representations!
  • The olfactory sense is the only sense that apprehends the world directly...
  • We don’t react to reality, but to our internal perception of reality!
  • We see the world through the lens of our VAK - Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic
  • When we change our internal representations, we’ll change our experience of the world!
  • We talk about what we’re doing - and we do what we talk about!

Special Report! There has been another Gus Grissom sighting!

  • George Miller - The Magic Number Seven, plus or minus Two
  • Real change occurs in the unconscious mind!
  • Strategies are how we do things! They’ll be internal or external and VAK
  • They apply to all kinds of things; even finding your car!
  • Ask people the right questions, and you can unpack their strategy
  • There’s a lot more NLP stuff coming on the next podcast!

Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself: How will I take solid action today...to begin to utilize my own  resources...both in the interest of my own future...and those important to me...and as I do...what will I continue to notice...that becomes a useful feedback mechanism?


Cardiff University and the rowdy students

Ending: Brado up in Medford Ontario...and that.

Important Links and Reminders:

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  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.