Podcast #165 – How to Screw Up Your Life Completely

Hello and welcome to the Brain Software Podcast. This is episode #165 where we talk about all kinds of bad stuff you shouldn't do!

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Introduction for Episode 165

Hey folks! What's happening? Today's an unusual program, as we're not going to teach you anything good; only a lot of bad stuff. That's right, this is all about how to completely screw up your life, so pay attention so you can make sure that you don't do it!

Amd above all else...


So...if you want a really bad working model, you're in the right place, Scro!

So...vootie!...and that...

Think Tank Words for This Episode

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Show Notes for Episode 165

  • Never think beyond your immediate circumstances!
  • Fail to plan! This will guarantee that randomness and chaos rule...
  • There's no need to progress - Let life get away from you!
  • Blame other people for everything that happens!
  • Stay stuck at environment in Dilts' Logical Levels...
  • Blaming others will help you stay stuck, because there's nothing you need to change in the first place!
  • Put your physical health and wellness on the back burner...
  • Keep your goals always future that never get any closer...
  • Enter a lifetime relationship with the very first person comes along!
  • Delete the horrible things about that person and maximize the positives...
  • Neglect the most important relationships in your life! This will help you be alone on your deathbed and be left out of other people's wills...
  • Other people need to change their behaviours to suit you!
  • Pay zero attention to the rapid passage of time! This provides immense negative benefits...
  • Put a lot of spare money into lottery tickets and other types of small-time gambling!
  • Make sure you smoke cigarettes! This will yield enormous bad health benefits, and you can smell horrible too!
  • Add overdrinking to the mix and the bad effects are even more powerful!
  • Work on building your resentment! Declare how pissed-off at the world you are!
  • Don't forgive even the smallest infractions! Resentment is tied to arthritis, so maximize it. 
  • Avoid learning at all costs! It's dangerous because it can lead to new skills that can improve your life.
  • Watch as much television as possible! It will take time away from exercise, self-reflection, etc. Watch the news a lot, and of course sports and reality shows too. Stay away from PBS; it's dangerous.
  • Complain as much as humanly possible! It will help you avoid gratitude, which can be very dangerous...
  • Remember to think the worst about other people, and behind every silver lining, you can find a cloud!
  • Live a virtual life as much as possible. Stay away from nature and watch videos about other people's lives! YouTube has great videos of BMX crashes!
  • Run up your credit cards and take chances with your finances! You'll be able to pay your bills once you win the lottery...Pork bellies and orange juice are great investments!
  • Spend huge amounts of money on vacations, designer clothes and electronic toys! When you vacation, go out late at night in areas you don't know very well...
  • Eat in restaurants rather than learning to cook! Study bartending instead of yoga or martial arts. Don't read books. Television is cheaper!
  • Culture is dangerous because it connects people with their humanity. Avoid the arts and museums because they'll bore you anyway...
  • Newness is dangerous because it can lead you to think! Do the same stuff all the time...
  • Never doubt your own importance in the universe! You have rights that other people must recognize! You have a right to never be offended because you're special and vitally important to other people; even those you haven't met...
  • Avoid pushing yourself. You might accomplish something. Better to live on your past successes, like your ability as a sprinter when you were thirteen!
  • Never ever underestimate the power of rage and anger! Get good at losing your cool, which can drive away the last vestiges of support from others. You might even have a heart-attack or stroke!

Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself: Now that I know some of the amazing ways to seriously wreck my life and waste my time...how will I ensure that I apply...absolutely none of them? What will I do today to make every second I have on this planet...actually matter...and make a difference for other people? Which of these points were the most painful for me...and what's the first step I'll take...to keep moving toward personal excellence?


PGA and "The Canadian is Correct!"

Ending: In the Court of the Crimson King

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