Podcast Session 17: Handwriting and hypnosis, age regression, the Enneagram model and hypnosis Q&A

Brain Software hypnosis podcastMike Mandel and Chris Thompson are back for Session 17 of the best hypnosis podcast on the planet!

Here’s what we’ve got for you in Podcast Session 17:

  • What is handwriting analysis and how does it correspond to hypnosis?You’ll find this stuff fascinating.
  • What is age regression? What about “past life regression”? If you don’t believe in past lives but a client does, should you tamper with the client’s model of the world?
  • What’s a good NLP technique for detraumatization?
  • Learn about the amazing Enneagram personality typing system. It is always fascinating to hear Mike talk about this.
  • Can you utilize analog marking (and embedded commands) in a text message? Answer: NO. Mike explains why. Don’t be fooled by some of the junk you see on YouTube πŸ™‚
  • There are three types of animals that can appear to be hypnotized. What are they and is it really hypnosis?
  • How do you use hypnosis to improve a skill such as Forex Trading? (question from a listener)
  • What can a hypnotherapist do when a client doesn’t want to discuss the details of a problem? (Hint: Content free therapy!)

The closing metaphor is about Canadian pianist, Glen Gould. What a wonderful story.

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