Podcast #175 – Truth & Lies | Detection and Indicators

This is the Brain Software Podcast with Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel. This is episode #175, coming to you from Toronto Canada - The Hypnotic World Epicenter!  Today it's all about us, and we're not kidding...Welcome to an all Ken Sweatman episode!

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Introduction for Episode 175


...and of course, Loochie.

It's Brain Software #175 and we're Fritz and Jeff and are here for you,



So watch out for deception...because that's what this podcast is about today!

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  3. ROTOR

Show Notes for Episode 175

  • Everyone tells lies...even white ones!
  • You can always say "...that's interesting..."
  • We attempt to spare people's feelings by not saying the whole truth
  • Some people are pathological deceivers - They can't stop!
  • Some lie just for attention - others wait to pounce...Sometimes for years...
  • The elderly fall prey to deception a lot - They're targeted...
  • Remember: Once they're in...they're in!
  • Surveys are often used to set up yes sets and compliance sets!
  • We're all in this together!...No we're not.
  • Kurt Vonnegut calls it The Granfalloon! We're Oldsmobile drivers...
  • A polygraph doesn't detect lies, only difference
  • Intuition isn't psychic - It's conscious awareness of unconscious calibration
  • We need to have accurate detection of threat, but it mustn't be turned too high
  • Little or no eye contact is a sign of deception
  • Always look for initial reactions to important topics. It will be accurate!
  • Watch talk shows to see guests lying!
  • Always remember the power of intentional silence! You'll get even more detail, so remain silent!
  • A truthful person will answer immediately on important issues because they don't have to think about it
  • The pause before answering is a red flag...
  • Watch for self-calming gestures...External kinesthetics override internal kinesthetics!
  • Greek worry beads work the same way! So do stress balls...

Special Report from Hypno North

  • The Starbucks Story! Using a curve-ball to detect a lie...
  • The Ken Sweatman Story as a detection method
  • Too much detail means they don't feel like they sound convincing
  • You can use intentional silence to counter it...
  • Run a story out of sequence to test it. Especially backwards...
  • Watch out for barrier creation! It's to make them feel safer...
  • Remove the barrier so you can increase the psychological pressure!
  • Initially using contractions when accused means they're probably telling the truth! The opposite is also true...
  • People seldom point their finger when lying!

Empowering Questions: 

Ask yourself: What are the elements of deception that are new to me...that I need to know about...to be sure that I can deception...when it's used on me...?

Metafive: Master Class and their mistake

Ending: Don't laugh...

Important Links and Reminders:

  1. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.