Podcast Session 18: Focus on Weight Management

Brain Software hypnosis podcastMike Mandel and Chris Thompson are back for Session 18 of the best hypnosis podcast on the planet!

The world’s best hypnosis podcast is back! Brain Software with Mike Mandel session 18 is all about the topic of weight management. Our guest on this podcast is Didi Vergados, who is an experienced hypnotist with a focus on helping clients with weight management (and yes, she trained with Mike!). We talk about why hypnosis works for weight management, and how Didi help clients tackle eating problems, self confidence, motivation and more. Why are diets so horrible? Should you actually “try” to stop eating a certain food forever? All of this is discussed. Learn about submodalities in NLP, anchoring (and stacking anchors), and food aversion. Learn the real secret for being motivated to change (including exercise). Mike closes out with the Huyckes Island metaphor.

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