Podcast #181 – 3 Models for an Awesome Life

This is the Brain Software Podcast with Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel! Today we talk about three models so you can build a great life life like we do have!

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Introduction for Episode 181

This is the place man! You’re in the Shyzzjigg Universe and we want you to know that…


Hahahahahaha So pull up a bowl of borscht and settle in, Scro!

Race #6 is coming up soon…And Steve Tyler, we’re still sorry!

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  1.  CLAMP
  3. LOCK

Show Notes for Episode 181

  •  Hypnosis is no more dangerous than any other conversation!
  • Should Mike be on the Tim Ferris’s podcast? We are just wondering…
  • Robbins, Maslow, and Human Givens are our models today…
  • Maslow has 5 different levels - on a hierarchy
  • During Covid people are feeling unloved and that they don’t belong or connect
  • Physical contact and human proximity are crucial!
  • Love and belonging - vs being lonely and a pariah
  • Esteem and respect and recognition are self-worth…
  • Self-actualization is the top of the pyramid…
  • Tony Robbins 6 Human Needs: Certainty, Uncertainty (or Variety)
  • Too much certainty is too regimented, and too much uncertainty is too chaotic and unstable!
  • Fix the biggest leaks in the ship that is your life!
  • Significance is important for all of us! We need to feel appreciated… 
  • Growth is essential to avoid stagnation…Stasis is boring!
  • Contribution is giving back! It connects with significance…
  • Human Givens Theory is 2 lists - Needs and Tools to fulfil them!
  • If the Human Givens needs are met, mental illness becomes impossible!
  • Security, Autonomy and Control, Status, Attention (giving and receiving), Connexion, Intimacy, Competence and Achievement, Meaning and Purpose

Tonight on the Clay Shaw Network! The Japanese Movie Monsters vs The Little White Balloon!

  • The Resources: Memory, Rapport, Imagination (reality simulator), Instinct and Emotions, Conscious Rational Mind, an Observing Self (dissociation), a Dreaming Brain (to de potential emotional arousal from that day)

Empowering Question: Ask yourself…which of these models seems to make the most sense to me…and how will I immediately apply those learnings…to my life?

Metafive: Gorgo and the mumps

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  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.