Podcast #182 – Never be Lied To Again

You have found the Brain Software Podcast with Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel! On this episode, we draw from the work of Dr David Lieberman…

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Introduction for Episode 182

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Think Tank Words for This Episode

  2. OVEN

Show Notes for Episode 182

  • Dr Lieberman is one of our favourite psychologists and authors!
  • Never be lied to Again, is a great book!
  • No eye-contact is a sign of guilt - The guilty person does not want to face you!
  • Lack of animation (hands in pockets, etc.) Although psychopathy has grandiose gestures…
  • Inconsistent response - Smiling when they hear bad news, etc. 
  • Watch for the initial expression before they can edit themself…
  • Words and gestures out of synch! Gestures following like an afterthought to add veracity…
  • Deceptive expressions are often confined to the mouth area and don’t involve the eyes!
  • Usually, only guilty people get defensive…
  • Learn the anti-mugging walk and walk confidently!
  • Watch for people heading to the door - literally, or in their body language! They don’t like that topic being discussed.
  • Liars typically don’t point! Pointing adds emphasis…
  • Physical barriers indicate discomfort! Have nothing on the table in between you…
  • A truth teller is glad to clarify, whereas a liar tries to get away from  the uncomfortable topic…
  • Lieberman says that eople who say they cannot be budged are very easy to influence!

An Important Message from our Sponsor, The Shyzzjigg Corporation!

  • When you ask a question, a truthful person doesn’t have to think about how to answer you…
  • Make direct eye-contact! But don’t stare like Charles Manson!
  • Learn how to do the blank stare…
  • Use gestures to make your point!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself…which one of Dr Lieberman’s awesome hacks…has resonated with me…and what will I do today…to ensure that I begin to use it…to great advantage…now…?

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