How We Can Overcome Fear – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 184)

On this episode of the Brain Software Podcast Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson discuss Fear, and what you can do about it…

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Introduction for Episode 184

What’s happenin’ Pouch?

These are scary times, and we’re here to talk about fear…

Did I scare ya?

So light the Wolfman candle and let’s get started!

Time to lock and load, Scro…



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Show Notes for Episode 184

  • Let’s be the ME we can!
  • Fear: An unpleasant and usually strong emotion tied to anticipation and awareness of danger.
  • Inniswood Drive in Toronto on Google Maps…Check it out!
  • Terror of the dentist is a common childhood fear…Thanks Dr Roach!
  • Phobias are unreasonable fears! They often don’t make sense…
  • CORRECTION! Mike used to have altocelarophobia which is not a fear of heights as he mistakenly said. It’s a fear of high ceilings.
  • “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!” - F.D.R.
  • Infants have only 2 innate fears. Sudden loud noises and fear of falling.
  • Animals can have phobias too! Mischa was scared of the smell of raw lamb…
  • She was also scared of a Kleenex held on the lip!
  • The original Woman in Black was a really scary film…
  • The Haunting from the 1960s is scary because your brain provides the special effects.
  • Fear of heights is a good thing…to a point.
  • Wolves!
  • Fear is used in advertising to create the fear of missing out…Operators are standing by!
  • Top fears: 
  • Social anxieties - speaking in public (All those faces!
  • Fear of heights - Acrophobia
  • Fear of flying
  • Claustrophobia
  • Fear of insects
  • Fear of snakes
  • Fear of dogs
  • Fear of storms
  • Fear of needles

Tonight on the Grassy Knoll Network: The Jack Ruby Story!

  • Fear of illness - Cancer
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu is awesome! Grasp the thumb to relieve anxiety…
  • Panic attacks grasp the first finger!
  • Grasp the fingers, thumb and centre of the palm doing Jin Shin Jyutsu before bed to sleep better. 2 minutes per spot feeling the pulse.
  • 6 Step Tapping - Top of head, centre of forehead, outside corner of eye, directly under eye, under edge of the collarbone on either side, grasp wrist and say “peace”
  • When doing the tapping, always take it to ZERO!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself…what am I afraid of…I mean really afraid of…and is it a rational fear…and if not…what am I willing to do…to overcome its affect on me…now..?

Metafive: Jack Doyle and the examination!

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Ending: Colonel Peter Fitzwadsworth-Smythe and Frank

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