In Pursuit of Happiness – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 189)

This is the Brain Software Podcast, and it's all about happiness! Your happiness today! So let's make it all happen...

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Introduction for Episode 189

It's all about happiness! And today, it's all about YOU again!!!

Everybody wants to feel better, so remember...

Screw the demodex, because


So let's rock in the rooter!

Think Tank Words for This Episode

  3. ARGOT

Show Notes for Episode 189

  • What does it take to be happy?
  • Problems must be annoying enough to get you to take action!
  • If you remove the dickish people from your life, you will be better off!
  • May you always have 'appiness!
  • Is it reasonable to expect to be happy all the time?
  • Correction! Mike says "Sebastian Keith" but it was Sebastian Cabot
  • If you've never listened to a crappy podcast, how will you know that this one's brilliant?
  • (Material edited out)
  • Are we habituating that a cup is half empty? Should we habituate that it's half full? 
  • Is the Pollyanna Glad Game a reasonable thing? Can it be out of control?
  • Some people do not notice when they're happy!
  • Enneagram 7 doesn't remember the bad stuff...Enneagram 6 doesn't remember the good...
  • Labeling Peak Moments is a great skill to adopt...Then you can go back to them!
  • The 4-Tuple = Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Auditory Digital
  • Happiness can be a choice...
  •  Happy people tend to be productive people!
  • If you're happy in your job, what are you happy about? Or if you're unhappy, what are you unhappy about? People? Money? Free time?
  • Isn't much financial happiness, having more resources than demand? Does Pareto apply?
  • Most people who won a ton of money in a lottery became less happy!
  • We need a point to our lives and feel that we have some control over chaos...

Tonight! On the Bag of Pykthos Network...The laundry blooms!

  • Remove the clutter from your life!
  • What makes you laugh? Go there!
  • Do friendship maintenance! Friendships are like a garden, they need to be tended.
  • Have reasonable expectations! "Disappointment take planning" = Richard Bandler
  • Reward yourself when you do something good!
  • Set reasonable expectations! Not too high...not too low...
  • Don't take on too much...We built this city on rock and roll!
  • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...
  • How can you eliminate the things that make you unhappy? Do it!
  • Be other focused, rather than always self-focused.
  • Consciously give back to the world...
  • Being present is a present, to yourself and others...
  • Be grateful! 
  • Remember to smile. Make it a habit. It releases serotonin!
  • Get enough sleep!

Empowering Question:  Ask happy am I out of ten right now...and how much will you change your life...when you put back the missing pieces?

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Ending: Knock knock...

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