Becoming a Better Ericksonian Hypnotist – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 197)

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Introduction for Episode 197

Milton Erickson was an awesome hypnotist; maybe the best there ever was. In this episode of Brain Software, we provide the keys to enable you to be an awesome Ericksonian Hypnotist...but let's remember...


So pay attention, because this is going to be EPIC!

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 197

  • The Ericksonian Model is highly indirect
  • Erickson's methods are still incredibly effective today!
  • People tell you their metaphor as they explain their problems
  • We detect incongruence in the ellipsis at the end of a sentence...
  • If you're reading AT someone your attention is divided
  • Karl Smith is an amazing direct hypnotist!
  • "You'll get much better results with an expectant attitude than an offhand one" - Milton H. Erickson
  • If you're hypnotizing a murderer, don't smile when you're looking expectantly!
  • Pacing and leading is crucial in Milton's hypnosis model
  • Direct attention, not the subject's action when doing revivification...
  • Motivation is a nominalization. It's not something you have to get. Do what you need to do and get results!
  • "I want to talk to the part of you that would love to go into a trance..." - Mike Mandel
  • Learn to pace and lead really well!
  • Utilization and Incorporation are vitally important in Erickson's work...
  • Utilization uses whatever the client does
  • Incorporation uses whatever happens externally to the session (sounds, disturbances, etc.)
  • Utilization USES and Incorporation brings IN
  • The Voice is a really powerful thing to use!
  • Remember to incorporate when doing self-hypnosis too!
  • Do don't have to talk like Erickson or a psychotic clown while doing hypnosis!
  • You must demark your hypnotic voice from your day to day normal voice...
  • Use an appropriate hypnotic voice!
  • Yes Sets and Compliance Sets are great Ericksonian tools!
  • Yes sets remove resistance. Compliance sets build positive momentum...
  • Yes sets build rapport and heteroaction too! 

Special Report from Hypno-North, Meaford Ontario!

  • Use the subject's actual words. It will increase rapport, so don't interpret!
  • The neverending sentence is really powerful! Use linkages and just keep running with it...
  • Use metaphors! Tell metaphors and use their metaphors! Ask what their metaphor is...
  • Use embedded commands to enhance your skills! Make sure they aren't too obvious or the conscious mind will detect and resist them...
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Empowering Question: Ask yourself ...which Ericksonian techniques will I master order to do stellar hypnosis work...and how will I integrate these techniques...into my life..?

Metafive: Two Rules to Live By from Mike's Dad

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Ending: Abraham Lincoln walks at midnight, in Springfield Illinois

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  2. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.