Brain Software with Mike Mandel Session 20

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWe’re back! Brain Software with Mike Mandel Session 20 is now LIVE.

Discussed on this podcast is:

  • What is reframing? It’s either a different point of view, or a complete paradigm shift. Mike explains how reframing works.
  • One of the best places to start, to learn reframing is the book by the same title by Bandler and Grinder.
  • Mike talks about an example of a client working through grief, and the way he helped her reframe the emotional response she was dealing with.
  • Content reframing vs. Context reframing: These are the two types of reframing, but we find that content reframes are much more common.
  • Chris explains two reframing metaphors that he used recently, to help diffuse the anxiety of a student.
  • Mike brings up the incredibly powerful technique of shifting submodalities to change the meaning of something. This is absolutely a powerful way of reframing.
  • Mike teaches you how to do literal reframing. This was not planned at all, but what Mike describes was the EXACT tool he first used on Chris back in 1993 when they first met. The method is so good there’s no need to change it year in and year out.
  • What are submodalities? They are the building blocks of the ways we process information (either through visual, auditory or kinesthetic modalities). Mike explains this in plain English.
  • Mike explains a fascinating set of mind reading (mentalist) tricks that he has used over the years. He explains exactly how they work, so pay close attention!
  • Reminder: Both of us are available to do personal consultations via Skype. Just email us to get more information.
  • The closing metaphor is spooky fascinating, and dates back to the 1800s

We’ve got only one space left in Mike’s upcoming hypnosis class (starts Monday!). If you’d like to be our last minute addition visit hypnosis training: Otherwise we’ll announce details of the next training on that same page.

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