Brain Software with Mike Mandel Session 21

Brain Software hypnosis podcastSession 21 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel is now LIVE.

This one involves another special guest – the one and the ONLY, Toronto street hypnotist Gabriello Pitman

Discussed on this podcast is:

  • How is Street Hypnosis similar and different to Stage Hypnosis? Mike and Gabriello talk about how the techniques are essentially the same, but street hypnosis is completely different in that you’re approaching others rather than having them come to your show expecting to see (or participate in) hypnosis. Gabriello talks about how to approach people to introduce hypnosis.
  • One of the best places to start, to learn reframing is the book by the same title by Bandler and Grinder.
  • Gabriello talks about Ross Jeffries’ CIQ model for introducing yourself. Compliment them, introduce yourself, and then ask an open ended question. The question should relate to hypnosis (and as Mike always explains, talking about hypnosis creates hypnosis).
  • Yes sets are FUNDAMENTAL in all good persuasive communication. Street hypnosis makes use of a yes set or an agreement set to get things started. Yes sets remove resistance.
  • Gabriello talks about the importance of establishing a compliance set, which is again very traditional for any student who’s studied with Mike. This is particularly important if doing hypnosis inside of a pub or bar.
  • Suggestibility tests and pre-talk: Gabriello explains what these steps mean, and which to do first. So many people still don’t understand anything about hypnosis, and may have fears that you need to dissolve through demystification of hypnosis.
  • Safety is a primary concern whenever doing stage or street hypnosis. Both Mike and Gabriello discuss how to deal with safety (and we have a bit of a laugh here).
  • Another key element of street hypnosis is that you’re not on a stage, so friends may interfere. You’ve got to become a master of dealing with this. Gabriello deals with this in his compliance set.
  • Suggestibility tests – Mike pulls out another great historical reference to Andre Weitzenhoffer, who wrote about heteroaction back in 1957. Testing for hypnosis causes hypnosis. Conforming to one suggestion increases the likelihood of conforming to the next. Mike and Gabriello talk about how it’s entirely possible to skip a formal hypnotic induction just by using heteroaction. Chris recounts watching Gabriello do exactly this at a bar.
  • What type of person learns street hypnosis? Gabriello talks about the three major types of people he’s come across, and why they want to learn hypnosis.
  • We discuss convincers, i.e. what can you to that will genuinely convince others that a parson isn’t faking? There are still so many people who believe hypnosis isn’t real (we pity them), and convincers are a great way to overcome this.
  • The closing metaphor is about ancient China, and the Emperor’s scale model of the country. Let this one really sink in …

Learn street hypnosis with Gabriello Pitman by checking out his website.

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