All About Behaviors – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 211)

Behave yourself! Or at least learn all about behaviours on this episode!  

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Introduction for Episode 211

It’s all about behaviours, Scro!

And it leads to interesting questions like:

What the hell ever happened to that old tranquility we used to know up here in Meaford?



So let’s bring it on, and bring it off!

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Think Tank Words for This Episode

  3. STORY

Show Notes for Episode 211

  • Check out HYPROV in New York City, with our friend Asad Mecci and Colin Mochrie!
  • We love Voxer! It’s great…
  • We will have Asad Mecci on this podcast…
  • We apologize again to Steve Tyler for not being there for him…
  • The stories that we tell ourselves become our reality…We are setting our perceptual filters!
  • The present state is where you are now, the target state is where you want to be…
  • Behaviour is what you do, not who you are…They can be conscious or unconscious, useful or disempowering!
  • Behaviour is only one up from Environment in Dilts’ Logical Levels, and therefore easy to change!
  • The most common method for change right now is CBT. It teaches you to think and behave differently…
  • We believe it’s better to erase the cause, than try to deal with it…
  • We are not taking a shot at CBT! CBT is awesome! We’re just making a comparison with hypnosis…
  • Behaviour cannot only affect your environment. It can affect your capabilities too!
  • “Life should be effortless, enjoyable, and vaguely annoying to other people!” - Mike Mandel
  • Habits are behaviours that are hard-wired in! 
  • Nobody robs a bank to get money for cigarettes!
  • Shopping, eating in restaurants, exercise, shaving…So many things are unconscious habits…
  • Habits are not necessarily bad things! They are our way of operating on minimum brain power…
  • Identify the behaviour you want to change…
  • Choose something else to do in its place every time…
  • Install the new behaviour through repetition and condition it in…
  • If you condition something in properly, it will be permanent!
  • Mike’s Dad would recite Sam the Saxon, and Mike memorized it accidentally!
  • A strong Kinesthetic will make it easier to over-write a behaviour!
  • New Behaviour Generator! Find someone to model who already has that behaviour! State what you want in the positive and make sure it’s dependent on YOU, and it must be sensory-based for your evidence criteria…
  • We procrastinate to avoid pain of some kind…But finally the pain of not doing it becomes too great and we do the thing we’ve been putting off…
  • Front-end load what you are putting off!
  • There is an overlap between NLP and hypnosis, but they’re not the same thing!
  • Watching yourself present on mute, is a great way to see if you’re presenting well…And dancing without music is hilarious!
  • Completely symmetrical gestures can be problematic!
  • Theatre of the Mind is amazing! It’s great for changing another person’s behaviour, by changing your own behaviour!
  • NLP and hypnosis are easy to blend!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself…what new behaviours are not longer useful to me…and what new behaviours…will I put in there place today…so I can have a better life…right now?

Metafive: The bumping boat and the rubber mallet 

Ending: Reverse Engineering

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