Generative Changework for hypnotists – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 214)

Let's change things up and talk about change!

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Introduction for Episode 214

Changework for brand-new hypnotists who are just getting started…So don’t touch that dial…

Whatever happened to that old Salem witch trial tranquility we used to know and love?



So welcome to the Crucible!

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  3. BIRD

Show Notes for Episode 214

It's generative changework time!

Community Q and A questions!

  • What if a hypnosis session doesn't work?
  • The onus for change is always on the client...
  • Mike never worked to bring people to threshold
  • Can an introvert be a good hypnotic subject? Yes!
  • Is an introvert willing to learn to be a good hypnotist? 
  • Entertainment hypnosis is a different thing altogether! Some extroversion is required...
  • Is there such thing as a hypnotic tug of war? Nope.
  • A hypnotic tug of war is anti-rapport!
  • Where does a brand-new hypnotist start? What is your overall general skill-level?
  • Weekend trainings are usually based on script reading, because that's all there's time for...
  • Get good training! Learn the principles, not scripts!
  • We produce superb general practitioners of hypnosis!
  • There are lots of trainers around the world who can teach you principles...
  • What do you most enjoy working on? Athletes? Pain management? Forensics?
  • Start as an excellent general practitioner and then niche down...
  • Learn the hypnotic glossary - the vernacular of the hypnotic world...
  • There's no point in being a really good hypnotist and sounding like an illiterate!
  • Start with generative change if you're a new hypnotist! Help people do things better!
  •  Hypnosis works well for fear of public speaking and for presenting too!
  • Memory enhancement is another use for hypnosis
  • Helping people improve their health works too!
  • Learning to deliver hypnosis language is a very useful skill...
  • Many things can be treated with direct suggestion in hypnosis (DSiH)
  • Get an appropriate looking office!
  • ADAC (Activate, Dissociate, Associate, Collapse) works really well with hypnosis...
  • Trance is great for developing powerful states!
  • Walking with Grace and Power is a really powerful use of ADAC from Dr John Grinder's New Code
  • Direct ego-strengthening suggestions are a powerful thing to do in hypnosis!
  • You can also use The Spin in hypnosis!
  • The 6 Step Tapping is a great addition to hypnosis!
  • MINDSCAPING is a very effective technique that uses hypnosis...
  • Tad James' Timeline Therapy is another awesome modality!

Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself…Now that I know that there’s a simple way…to start helping people with hypnosis…with generative change…what areas will I work on…and how will I get really good at hypnosis…really fast…?


The wine warehouse and the cat on the engine…

Ending: Reverse Engineering

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Important Links and Reminders:

  1. We're back to teaching the Architecture of Hypnosis in Toronto! Check it out here.
  2. The agree and repeat process video training is here, and it's free.
  3. This is our free video course on conversational hypnosis.