What about Mesmerism? And hypnosis tools to blow people’s minds… – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 216)

Let's talk about Mesmerism! And other cool stuff too...

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Introduction for Episode 216

What about Mesmerism? Hmmmm...

Hey Scro! Can I have a glass of water? 

I'm starting to panic!!!



So here we go...in tin saxophone kazoo land...

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 216

Mesmerism is back...Uh oh...

  • The customer's not always right!
  • We want good quality customers who aren't dicks!
  • Mesmerists and magnetists are making a comeback...
  • Mesmer studied with Father Hell and used magnets
  • Mesmer thinks he has magnetic powers and was huge in Paris...
  • Benjamin Franklin was on the committee to investigate Mesmer,,,
  • Even the wrong magnetized tree worked!
  • James Esdaile did Mesmerism in Calcutta...
  • Esdaile failed in his Mesmeric demonstrations in London...
  • John Elliotson suffered from believing in Mesmerism despite all evidence to the contrary...
  • Charcot revived Mesmerism too in Salpetriere Hospital...
  • "When you combine belief and expectation you get hypnosis" - Dr Krasner
  • We remain unconvinced about the reality of Mesmerism!
  • Mesmerism isn't anything to do with quantum physics!
  • We are not opposed to the people doing this or taking shots at them. We are just unconvinced.
  • The Clench Induction combines a kids' trick with hypnosis!
  • It has many amazing uses!

Special Report from HypnoNorth, Meaford Ontario

  • The Handshake Interrupt is awesome! Anthony Jacquin did it on video...
  • It wasn't developed by Erickson, but by Ralph Slater!
  • You must be congruent for it to work!
  • Mandel Triangle - Congruence, Confidence and Conviction!
  • Mike's hand De-levitation Induction is an improvement on Erickson's hand levitation!

Empowering Questions:

Ask yourself…Which of these cool techniques will I take time to practice...so I can master yet another aspect of hypnosis...so I can practice and get really good at hypnosis...starting right now...?


Kenny and the Secret Panel

Ending: Reverse Engineering

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