Brain Software Podcast 26: NLP, Anchoring, Milton Model and Much More!

Brain Software hypnosis podcastMike Mandel and Chris Thompson are back with the 26th episode of the awesome Brain Software podcast!

Here’s the outline of amazing and fun stuff we talked about on this podcast:

  • Coming up in February is Mike’s brand new MINDSCAPING certification training here in Toronto.  Mike describes what it is, what it’s for, and if you’d like to join us for the weekend training on Feb 9/10, visit the MINDSCAPING page.
  • We talk about anchoring and NLP.  There are a lot of people who think NLP is a pseudo-science.  These people misunderstand NLP entirely.  It is NOT a science.  It’s a model.  Nobody from the NLP community (at least those properly trained) have ever claimed NLP is a science.
  • Mike discusses the straw man argument – when someone sets up a word like “hypnosis” by defining it in his own way (the wrong way) and then goes on to deconstruct it to prove that it doesn’t work.  Fascinating explanation.
  • Chris gets tested by Mike to define anchoring.  Thankfully he passes the test!  Anchoring is attaching a stimulus to a specific state.  It relates back to classical conditioning, but does not map across perfectly because anchoring (in NLP) is done at a peak state, causing the anchor to be set after only one instance.
  • Mike, by the way, is a huge fan of anchoring the state of confusion.  When he does this to people it’s absolutely hilarious (and he did this to Chris before the podcast episode was recorded).
  • We get a great explanation from Mike on exactly how to elicit peak states in order to set an anchor properly.
  • You’ll learn about the John Grinder model for creating peak states.  We challenge you to USE this stuff to anchor a peak state in yourself so that you can fire off the anchor whenever you want.  It really does work!
  • We discuss how people debate with each other these days.  Open minded versus narrow minded … being opinionated versus not having a strong opinion.   Mike talks about weak points in debating such as the “All I know” statement (which he reframes into a weakness).  Another example is when people change the discussion after they realize they’re logic is flawed. This discussion is absolutely  hilarious because you’ll easily relate it to your own life and laugh out loud.
  • Hypnosis is the opposite of logical flow, as Mike beautifully demonstrates through the use of Milton Model language “word salad”.
  • We handle a couple of email questions as well on this session.

Our first ever hypnosis DVD training product is now out:  It’s called Hypnotic Power Inductions:  Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation. Visit that link to see Mike’s intro video.  As we publish this podcast episode, there is still one day left to get the introductory pricing on this product!  We always launch products at a discounted price in the first week or so.  This time is no different.  We’re quite surprised (pleasantly) with how many people have ordered this so far!  Awesome!  It’s going to take your hypnotic inductions skills to the next level!

Closing metaphor: First Christmas in Canada. This is an absolutely incredible set of stories!

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