Brain Software Podcast 33: Improving Your Memory (Part One)

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWe’re back with the episode 33 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel. This is the podcast that you need to remember not to forget  to always be listening to!

The focus of podcast 33 is improving your memory.  Here are the show notes

  • Your word of the day is omphalos, the Greek word for navel.  I’m always learning new words from Mike on these podcasts!
  • If you remember Mike talking about Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil for increasing intelligence, you won’t be surprised to hear him talking about it as something that is important to the function of your brain (hence memory) too.
  • We segue into a quick discussion of farmed fish versus wild fish.  Most farmed salmon actually grey in colour, which is why the food actually has pink dye in it so that it looks appetizing to humans.  Farmed fish is full of crap.  Avoid it.  We eat healthy wild fish because we believe they are far better for the brain / health.
  • Mike is also a user of Ginko Biloba.  This supplement is known for helping you keep your brain sharp.
  • Exercise!  Your brain will be healthier if your body is healthy.  Get appropriate exercise.  Get off that couch.  Listen to this podcast (and others) while you get out walking, running, or otherwise moving in some healthy way.
  • Drink clean water!  Notice people who stay well hydrated don’t get hangovers if they drink too much alcohol?  Not that we’re recommending lots of booze followed by water, but the point is clear.  Drink lots of water to keep your brain and body well hydrated for proper function.
  • Memory:  All memory is association.  Example – if someone shows you a US $1 bill, you store all sorts of connections.  You’ll connect it to the colour green, to the concept of finance, etc.
  • There are always associations between words (or concepts), and it’s unconscious.  So if you make the association happen consciously you’ll find that it is insanely easy to remember things!
  • Chris recently read the book Moonwalking with Einstein, where author Joshua Foer talks about the “Memory Palace” technique, which is quite ancient.  But it’s highly effective for remembering lists.  Highly recommended book.
  • Mike and Chris talk about the importance of creating wild, crazy and utterly bizarre images and mental movies in order to create more powerful associations.
  • Mike goes through a simple list of objects that you can tie to the numbers 1-10 in your mind.  This is called a “peg system”. If you memorize this simple list you’ll instantly be able to remember any list of 10 objects and it’s order.  You’ll be able to instantly recall any of the items on the list at any random sequence, or in perfect order, or backwards.  This technique is so simple, yet so impressive to people.
  • We will make it easy for you!  Here is the list:  1) Gun; 2) Shoe; 3) Tree; 4) Door; 5) Hive; 6) Sick; 7) Heaven; 8) Gate; 9) Wine; 10) Den
  • Another method to memorize objects in order is the link method.  Mike explains the simple way to implement this.When you use the link method you’ll easily be able to remember the order of items in a list, but you won’t be able to answer a question such as “what’s number 5 on the list?”
  • After years (literally, no exaggeration) of students asking Mike to teach a handwriting analysis course, we’ve finally set aside a Saturday for a one-day intensive.  The date will be September 7th (2013).  There will be early-bird pricing announced shortly so if you want to get an early bird invitation to this class please send me an email (info at mikemandelhypnosis dot com).  Tell me you want to be on the list.  I’ll contact you.
  • We have officially announced the dates for our next 5-day intensive Architecture of Hypnosis course.  It will run July 8-12 in Toronto.  You can get all the information on the next hypnosis class here.
  • Online training: We are making excellent progress!  We’re on track for a May launch.  We’ve continued to add content to our system including several incredible quality demonstrations from the April hypnosis class (currently happening as we post this podcast!).
  • Empowering question for this podcast: What is it that you keep putting a larger band-aid (bandage) on instead of treating it at cause?

Closing metaphor: Tropical ulcers

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