Brain Software Podcast 39: Riders on the Storm

Brain Software hypnosis podcastEpisode 39 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel is now live! We changed up the intro music because enough of you have said the music was too common elsewhere. True true. It’s a standard Apple loop available in Garageband. ANyway, we’re back, and we have another awesome podcast for you. See if you can find the new made up word Mike has inserted into everyday language.

Here are the show notes for this episode

  • But isn’t the real issue here …We introduce you to a hilarious language pattern you can use to mess with people’s minds. If you start using this just for fun you’ll not only laugh (and make others laugh if they are in on it), but it will be excellent practise for you to generate ideas on the fly. This is good for any hypnotist to be able to do.
  • We talk about the placebo effect as well as the nocebo effect. Anyone involved in helping other people needs to understand how this works, and how to take advantage of it alongside your existing work. Mike explains why one of the US police forces he ahas worked with paints their lockup room Pepto Bismol pink!
  • This leads us into a discussion about how so-called “experts” test hypnosis as if it is some kind of digital phenomenon that you can apply just like a light switch or an orally administered drug. Sorry folks … it’s not the same.
  • The stories people tell themselves … Chris brings up an interesting example about how people can get really screwed up (emotionally) by telling themselves a story and acting as if it’s true.
  • Make sure to sign up for the November live hypnosis training This course is coming up fast and will run over two weekends (plus a Friday). Become an amazing hypnotist!

 Empowering Question: What stories are you continuing to tell yourself and which ones is it time to drop from your repertoire.

Closing metaphor: The Wizard’s Duel

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