Brain Software Podcast #48: How Metaphors Work

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 48 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Fair warning … we recorded this on April Fools’ Day. But we keep the content *mostly* serious after the joke is revealed. Enjoy the podcast.

Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • We spend a good chunk of time explaining how stories are crafted to effect change in other people. These are called metaphors, and are a key component of Ericksonian hypnosis. Milton Erickson often told stories (metaphors) to cause his clients to change. Mike explains the two layers of a metaphor: 1) Content; 2) Structure.
  • Mike shows you the easiest way to slip into metaphor without anyone noticing what you are doing. This phrase is golden to anyone who is interested in the topic of conversational hypnosis
  • Mike gives you a framework for creating what we call “isomorphic” metaphors, or stories that have a 1:1 correlation to a specific problem that the listener is dealing with. He calls upon a metaphor (the clockmaker) that he’s told before, but breaks down exactly how it works.
  • MINDSCAPING, a relatively new model of therapy that Mike developed (or discovered) is a perfect way to have the subject / client create his or her own metaphor where the metaphor always fits perfectly to the problem or challenge. We still have some space left for our upcoming class. Sign up for MINDSCAPING here.
  • Appeal to authority is a classic and powerful means of influence. It’s so powerful it can be misused, and we break it down for you in this episode. The example we use should give you a good laugh.
  • Our upcoming May hypnosis training is still full, but our November class still has space. It’s filling up fast so grab a spot before it’s too late. Sign up here) or if you prefer to take our online hypnosis training you can join our online community here.

 Empowering Question: Disaster! We completely forgot to include an empowering question on episode 48, so we’ll make sure to resume them with the next podcast episode.

Closing metaphor: Mepps Fishing Lure
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