Podcast #64: The Bag of Pykthos mystery, psychedelic endings, hypnotizing South Americans, and how tomato seeds can lead to inadvertent circumcision!

Brain Software hypnosis podcastWelcome to Episode 64 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Amazingly, we continue with our 5 Star Rating, despite the absolute idiocy of this podcast.

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Despite technical difficulties, we’re still here!
  • Two Silver Bags of Pykthos arrived in the mail! Who the heck was it?!?
  • Mike explains how he just helped out the Soulpepper play Marat/Sade as the Mind Consultant.
  • More about pattern interrupts…Chris messes people up with them; then helps them get resourceful! Chris tells a Ken Sweatman story about using a pattern interrupt on his daughter Gloxinnya
  • But isn’t the real reason…??? Mike challenges Chris to give his product free to the planet. Chris reverses and attempts to get Mike to sell his hypnosis training cheaper. It doesn’t work.
  • 1971: Mike’s friends were the intelligentsia of Wexford Collegiate. Mike begins a Ken Sweatman story. The Mike Gray psychedelic ending as a pattern interrupt. Mike is called “A bloody idiot!” by his mentor, Derek Balmer.
  • Mike grips Chris spasmodically, and coughs on his neck without warning, and is greatly amused by his own brilliant humour.
  • Congrats to Steve in Australia for a mind-boggling hypnosis show! It’s just the beginning for Steve…
  • Chris drops Larry Elman’s name to gain prestige. He goes on to quote Dave Elman, Larry’s father. A Ken Sweatman story rapidly develops and goes almost nowhere, although Chris talks about lotions and petroleum jelly and numbness, and placebos. The story continues for about 5 more hours, or seems to…
  • Is the placebo “waking hypnosis”? Does it even matter? Or is waking hypnosis a placebo?
  • Mike complains of being contacted by every lunatic on the planet. He tells of dealing with a moron via pointing out the red herring…Well you’re wrong!!!
  • Factor vs Faculty, yet again. Words mean things…
  • Dan asks about hypnotizing the deaf. Mike answers…The story of the Dominican Republic and hypnotizing the South Americans. Unconscious cues can lead to hypnosis.
  • Mike at a school for the deaf, where 2 people signed the entire show. “He’s okay, he’s waving…”
  • Chris doesn’t realize the story’s over and largely uninteresting, and keeps it going, rapidly converting it to yet another Ken Sweatman story.
  • Igor at Hypnothoughts. Was he having a stroke, or was it the CVA Induction?
  • Question about Florida…A principal who got raked over the coals because of alleged connexions between student deaths and his hypnotic interventions. Chris says “Ath-a-lete” but Mike exercises admirable restraint and says nothing. It leads to another opportunity for Chris to channel Ken Sweatman.
  • Someone is furious with Mike, calling him “arrogant and abusive”. Mike admits to the arrogance, but does not accept the abusive title. The word is losing all meaning which is sad and dangerous.
  • The man from Montreal was on a tirade, not understanding hyperbole and discussion.
  • Some of Mike’s in laws need diagrams to stay ontrack during discussions. This is because they are idiots.
  • Mike calls for precision in the richest of all languages: English
  • Empowering question: What vital task will you complete before the end of this year?

Ending: The Adventure of the Anonymous Parcel and the Tomato Seed…

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